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My Breasts Don't Want to Push Together for Cleavage? (photo)

I got a breast aug about 19 months ago under the muscle. I now want them bigger but the main issue is that I cant get any push up bras that will make... READ MORE

What to Do with Bad Results from Breast Implants?

I am a year and a half years post-op. I recently went to my surgeon and found out that my implants have bottomed out. My scars are keloided and about... READ MORE

Are my breast implants too low? (Photo)

Hiya, I had a breast augmentation about a year and a half ago. I'm worrying that they sit lower than they should but I went back to the surgeon and he... READ MORE

Chest Discomfort 1 1/2 Year After Breast Implants - Please Help!

I have a feeling of chest pressure when laying on my stomach in bed and also feel a sore pain when my breasts are squeezed, even just a little. My... READ MORE

1.5 years PO, seem to have gotten smaller and my breasts under the skin itches everyday. Should I be concerned?

Silicon gel implants done 1.5 years ago. They never used to be THIS itchy before. but I'm constantly itching my breasts because it feels like the... READ MORE

Black line around side of right nipple. Not sure what it is? (photo)

Hello. I've had my implants for a year and a half now and I've had this line on the side of my right nipple for about 6 months I had it checked out... READ MORE

My Implants Do Not Feel Like They Are Part of my Body, 16 Months Post Op, is This Normal?

I regularly(daily) have some form of pain/discomfort. They aren't unbearable pains, just light & irritating, & range from sharp to dull.... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants 19 Months Ago They Have Always Hurt They Cant Be Touched at All, Why is This?

I had breast augmentation 19 months ago. They have always hurt and cant be touched. I went to my surgeon in the early days who said they were fine... READ MORE

Will my left breast ever settle? Or should I get them redone? (photo)

I had surgery on 3/8/12 450 cc's gel under muscle I went from a 36A to a 36 full D. July 8 2013 I had a baby my breasts engorge twice the first time I... READ MORE

Pain and Numbness on Right Breast After 18 Months of BA?

18 months after BA right breast still hurts and it feels numb. PS say is nerve recovery and to massage. on my last appmnt PS said that it was scar... READ MORE

Developed Discoid Lupus After Silicone Breast Implants. Are They Related? Help ?

I have silicon implants done yr half ago now I have had discoid lupus for a year I have always been healthy is there chance it ruptured? Got into my... READ MORE

Can foreplay cause the implant to move or rupture?

I'm about a year and a half post op from my BA surgery. I've noticed some rippling as I am leaner than before. Understood. My question though is... READ MORE

Is It Possible That an Implants Valve Can Leak Saline and then Reseal Itself? (photo)

I was told that my left breast seems to have gone down a bit. I have been to three PS and the last surgeon told me that my left breast implant looks... READ MORE

Did the Surgeon Place my Implants Properly and Can They Be Fixed? (photo)

I'm 34 and 1.5YR PO. I was a small 32A cup and rcvd 375CC Silicone HP implants. Concern was within few weeks PO implants looked too low or nipples... READ MORE

Hardening/swelling 1 1/2 Years After Silicone Gel Implants?

I had silicone gel implants put in above the muscle 1 1/2 years ago. Two weeks ago I noticed that the left side suddenly started feeling harder that... READ MORE

It has been about 1 1/2 years since my augmentation and I'm beginning to feel like I'm shrinking. Is this possible?

I got 350cc under the muscle and for a while it appeared that I was a full C and was pleased, but now it seems as though I have gotten smaller,... READ MORE

Discomfort 18 Months After Breast Implants

I had my implants done around 18mos ago (saline, under muscle). I have always been able to feel the implant on the bottom of my breast. I am now... READ MORE

Breast Implant Moved to the Left?

I had gel implants from B to D 18 months ago. The left implant fairly quickly moved to the left, towards the armpit, and is painful at times. It seems... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to play paint ball with silicone implants under the muscle?

I had breast implants done 18 months ago. The implants are silicone and are under the pectoral muscle. I have been given a paint balling ticket as a... READ MORE

Could my implant possibly be causing wheezing that comes and goes in my left lung?

I had saline implants about 1.5 years ago and since the surgery I've had off and on wheezing. If I reposition myself it goes away. Lungs are clear and... READ MORE

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