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Why is One Implant Firmer Than the Other? Is It Capsular Contracture?

I got submuscular silicone implants 11 months ago. My left side is soft & moves around well in the pocket, but the right side is much firmer. It... READ MORE

I Can Feel my Silicone Implant Under the Tuck of my Skin. is It Normal?

Had breast implants 11 months ago and no problems to date. Just recently I have noticed under my right breast I can fit my fingers under my implant. I... READ MORE

Why did my implant shift up? (Photo)

I got silicone implants 11 mo. ago, In Nov I layed on the floor so my sis can crackmy back &when she pushed we heard a loud pop (not the back)the pop... READ MORE

Will I Need to Have Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery 11 months ago, I got 550cc HP Silicone implants under the muscle. My right implant settled fine but my left implant... READ MORE

11month post Breast Augmentation with 445 cc silicon, over the muscle and it's still not right! Have I bottomed out? (photo)

Im 11month post ba. 445cc silicon above the muscle. My right breast is still not right and still believe its either bottoming out or not in pocket... READ MORE

Would 400cc silicone be too much? (Photo)

I'm 22, 5'1, 128 lbs. Before children I was roughly 34DD. During both pregnancies I ballooned (to a 36E with first, 36F with youngest). I'm currently... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Implants? Why are my implants not looking like boobs? (photo)

Why are my implants not looking like boobs, now I know they are fake and are never going to look completely natural but they look ugly to me. Like too... READ MORE

525cc over the muscle implants and after months of massaging still very hard and high up and one has a dent. Is this CC? (photo)

I had my implants in Nov 2011. (525cc overs) .After so many months of massaging and Vit E, they are still very hard and high up my chest and when i... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my breasts drop further at 11 months post-op? (Photo)

I got breast implants 11 months ago, starting from a b cup and going to around a d/dd. i like them from the front but feel as if i have too much upper... READ MORE

Pain and Tenderness 11 Months After Breast Implants

Pain/ skin tenderness and uncomfortable feeling of foreign object in my right breast. I had a saline implants 11 months ago. Right breast has been... READ MORE

Do you think I should be concerned about this?? (photos)

Is been 11 months since my BA with silicone textured implants over the muscle surgery and my right breast slides too much to the side when I laid on... READ MORE

What are my options? (Photos)

I am 11 months post op. The doctor left me looking like a freak, told me after I cried and begged him, I should be lucky. Saying this, what are my... READ MORE

Is this normal after an augmentation that's been less than a year? (Photo)

I had an augmentation 11 months ago. My breast are nothing like I imagined they would be. They are low and fall underneath my armpit. I had 500cc high... READ MORE

Is this capsular contracture or could there be another explanation? (Photo)

I had my breast augmentation done about 11 months ago and this is what I ended up with. I've seen my surgeon many times since my surgery and was told... READ MORE

Surgeon recommends hyperbaric oxygen treatment for capsular contracture. Could this help me get rid of it and is it safe?

I'm 11 and half months post op. My plastic surgeon diagnosed me recently with capsule contracture. My implants look the same, but one side is a bit... READ MORE

Bothersome sensation at 11 months post-op

My breast are soft and beautiful, but the right one has a bothersome sensation no pain, the left just feels like a boob and I don't think about.,but... READ MORE

Best options for fixing double bubble? (photos)

11 months since surgery. I do not want to reduce implant size or have fat grafting . Will a breast uplift create lots of new scars? I'm already... READ MORE

Implant leaking? Gel cohesive (Photo)

So its been 11 months since my surgery. I received 425 cc gel cohesive implants. The last little while my right breast has been sore and standing up I... READ MORE

What are these symptoms? Nearly 1 year post-op breast implants. (photos)

I am less than a month away from having my surgery done for 1 year . My right breast still pains sometimes feels tight and when I push it down it's... READ MORE

11 months post op, I have cold sensation in left breast! Any suggestions? (photos)

Got my breast done 11 months ago I just today started getting this cold sensation in my left breast, it's really cold it doesn't seam to be busted but... READ MORE

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