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What Can I Do to Fix the Rippling/Wrinkling on my Breasts?

Hi, i had my breasts enlarged the first time to 525cc dual plane silicone and wanted bigger so a year ago i went to 800cc dual plane silicone however... READ MORE

Am I needing to go under the knife again? My breast augmentation doesn't look right! (Photos)

After the breast augmentation I'm have wrinkles around my breast and the right one looks different and it feels loose, I can clearly touch my silicone... READ MORE

Do I have to stay like this? I did my research and went to great lengths to make sure this revision was a success. (photo)

Under muscle, Strattice, silicone. I thought that would get rid of wrinkles. I have been to every post op appt. My doctor says it's just the way my... READ MORE

What is wrong with my implants? (Photo)

I had my pip implants replaced last May 2014. My new implants were put over the muscle in the same place as my previous ones. I am very unhappy with... READ MORE

My doctor wants to do a revision, do I go with him for the revision or go to a different doctor? (Photos)

I replaced my 15 year old saline implants four months ago with silicone implants and also had a breast lift. I'm really unhappy so far, left one looks... READ MORE

Any PS out there that can fix my wrinkling breast implants? I've had 2 revisions with no success. All under the muscle. (photo)

I had 10 year old saline implants replaced with 520 teardrop gummies. Could see edges, so next I went with 550cc round silicone pictured above. The... READ MORE

Do I need revision? Is it reasonable I don't like about the outcome of my surgery? Are my expectations unrealistic? (Photos)

I'm 7 weeks p.o with 375 anatomical unders. I wanted 550,but they couldn't fit. I came for a correction for tubular breasts. The surgeon said the only... READ MORE

I had skin saving double mastectomy & I am ready for silicone implants. I am confused about which are the most appropriate.

I was only presented with round implants under the muscle by my doctor. I was d cup, and currently have app 750 cc saline expanders. I am a medium to... READ MORE

Fat transfer for breast implanted with silicon due to rippling 2 years post-op.

I had a breast implant 250cc silicon under the muscles 2 years ago, all of a sudden felt rippling and wrinkling under one breast and to the inner side... READ MORE

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