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Post Breast Implant Revision: Breasts Now Look Uneven

At what point/time frame do I become concerned about the appearance of my breasts? I had a major revision with strattice for implants that had fallen... READ MORE

Snoopy Dog Deformity, 3 Post Op- What Can I Do? (photo)

I had 600CC mentor HP cohesive implants unders 3wks ago, replacing 450CC saline over I've had for 18yrs. The deformity is FREAKING me out. MY PS... READ MORE

Next Step After Explant?

2 BA 1) 1999 saline 380cc 2) 2004 silicone 450cc + benelli Lift (BAD scars around areola) 2011(photo is after explant) removal of implants due to... READ MORE

11 Days Post Op from Hematoma Removal- Worried I Have Capsular Contracture.

Orig implants 1-27-11,Capsulectomy R side 10-14,bleeding stopped via surgery 10-17,random hematoma 200ccs of blood/fluid removed 12-21,Staph R... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Revision to Go Bigger, What’s the Complication Likelihood?

I am getting a revision from augmentation I had this Feb 2012 (In Feb 2013). I had a large lollypop lift and 200cc implants. My results are excellent,... READ MORE

15 Days Post Op My Left Implant Isn't Moving Like the Right. Should I Worry?

I had round implants removed from over the muscle +a capsulectomy performed both sides as left was a baker 3 + right baker 4 capsule, implants... READ MORE

Areola Looks Like Its Not Attached and Has a Flap After Mastoplexy ?

Hi there I am 17 days post implant removal and mastoplexy. I am healing quite well but my left breast Is troubling me. The areola is not smooth. The... READ MORE

Flex muscle deformity 6 months after breast augumentation. What can I do? (photos)

I got my breast done on March (Mentor 300cc, teardrop). Then I spot some deformity... I went to see my doctor, but firstly he told me to wait until... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of implant exchange, the right implant is higher and feels firmer. Is it too early to be worried? (Photo)

3 weeks post op. Went from 530cc saline HP to 880cc saline MhP. Left implant feels soft and seems to have settled but the right one, since surgery has... READ MORE

Confused about 800cc implants. (photo)

Had 500cc inplants in April from I was 36A pre op & 190lb they feel small. I'm now a C cup. If 200cc is about1cup size on 36back size then would... READ MORE

Post op day one revision- I had my pocket tightened on the left (bandage side). I am worried about how it is looking now (Photo)

I originally was having a revision due to my right pocket not being the correct size, but on the day my surgeon decided that my left pocket needed... READ MORE

Should I ask for a revision? I had a lift with 650 mL cohesive gel textured implants put in. (photos)

On 3/29/16 I had a lift with 650 mL cohesive gel textured implants put in. I feel like they didn't get lifted at all. They sit at about the same level... READ MORE

Switching from 350 cc saline to 375 silicone.

I had 350cc saline a year ago and i'm rippling real bad on the top and side of my right breast. I talked to my surgeon and he suggested doing the... READ MORE

En Bloc style Capsulectomy details.

I am looking for more info on this style of Capsulectomy. Also, with this style, if the implants are under the muscle, is it possible or likely to... READ MORE

Can I downsize breast implants from mentor 300cc moderate plus to mentor 200cc moderate profile?

Hi! I had breast augmentation 4weekd ago and I'm worried they are too big, I wanted to be most "natural". I don't like the upper fullness and pointy... READ MORE

Periareolar vs inframammory for 2nd revision (Photo)

1st revision included capsulrraphy to correct bottoming out + an increase in implant size needed to disguise divots in my breastbone area. I need... READ MORE

Worried about my size. Is it too small? Will they look bigger after drop and fluff? (Photo)

I had my BA yesterday and I went from a B cup and now I'm a D bra. I had unders 410 cc. I want to know why I don't feel like they look like a D cup. I... READ MORE

Horizontal incisions, did the doctor give me a lift? Will my boobs even out? Is this normal on day two? (photos)

Just got a revision breast lift and replaced 225cc implants with 425 cc saline I,plants. I guess during surgery he decided to only move the nipple on... READ MORE

What's the best way to fix implants that have shifted apart? Also, why am I having pain in left breast? (Photos)

I got saline implants 2 years ago. I'm guilty of not wearing a supportive bra religiously. I also think working out has caused them to shift apart and... READ MORE

What can I wear to push my new boobs up? (Photos)

Just had breast implant exchange yesterday. I decided not to do a lift so they come out a little saggy. is there something I can wear to... READ MORE

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