Wide + Breast Implant Revision

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Can I have advice on exchanging implant size and profile & opinion on BWD? (Photo)

I'm 4 months PO with 200cc UHP round smooth silicone implants (base 9cm, projection 4.1cm). Original BWD was measured as 9cm. They bottomed out so my... READ MORE

Implants too wide and flat! Getting a revision... (Photo)

I have made up my mind to go in for a revision as I have been unhappy with my implants from day one of surgery. I started a 32AA cup and I got 325 &... READ MORE

Are polyurethane breast implants difficult to remove and replace?

I had a breast revision after 22 good years (Natrelle ) my surgeon replaced then in January with Slimed polyurethane implants They have been placed... READ MORE

5 days post op, why does my 450cc high profile implants look wide on me? (photos)

I'm 5'2 98lbs and I just had a breast implant exchange from 350cc right 390cc the left saline modern plus.. to 450cc high profile in both sides he... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants - 1 Breast is Higher, Fuller, Wider

I had a breast lift with removal of old implants and new implants behind the muscle, all of this last week. From the beginning i noticed the different... READ MORE

Is it a bad idea to switch implants to over the muscle position? (photo)

I started out very flat chested (32AA) and I've had two breast augmentations. The first was 425cc under the muscle, mentor silicone gel, mod+ profile.... READ MORE

Can the wide space between my implants be revised? Has my right breast bottomed out? (photos)

I had surgery one year ago with 300 cc implants placed under the muscle. I am 5ft. 6" and weigh about 125 lbs. My implants seem to have settled very... READ MORE

I hate my boob job. I feel like I look bigger and wider for going moderate plus instead of high profile (Photo)

I'm broad shoulders and wide chest and I wanted breastimplants to look more fem..and smaller on top so I wanted to get 700ccs high profile and my doc.... READ MORE

How do you achieve the high, round top contoured breasts? Soon to be 3 surgeries and still so far from being satisfied (Photo)

Originally: deflated B, 110lbs, 5"5' 1st surgery: Oct 2015, dual plane 365cc high profile. I wanted full C, gave me DD (not complaining now) I wanted... READ MORE

Breasts are too wide. Will HP Allergan Style 20 fill upper pole and will they look natural? (Photo)

I'm downsizing w/ a revision of full lift, Breasts are too wide and big. Currently mod + silicone unders 339,371cc and 32DD. I'd like to be a perky C.... READ MORE

My measurements are 115 lbs, 5'3", 34 yrs old, 12.3 chest diameter, scoliosis of the spine. Will 350cc hp not be better?(photo)

I'm planning a revision BA after doing my first augmentation 3 years ago 225 cc . They are too low and wide apart, too small and I have a protruding... READ MORE

My 3 year old implants are too wide/big for my body. I want to downsize from 345 to 250ish, will pocket shrink on it's own?

I got 345 contoured implants 3 years ago. I look much heavier than I am because the width of the implant is too large, as I'm 5'6, 125 pounds and have... READ MORE

Breast Revision price ? How much should I be charged?

I had implants put in 8 months ago with benelli. I paid 3,000 extra alone for that type of lift. My breast are way to big, not lifted enough and... READ MORE

Which Breast Implant would you recommend for a revision; silicone gel or gummy bears?

I had breast lift and augmentation with round saline implants 8 years ago. One implant broke so I will have replacement done. I'm 5.9 hight, 205 lbs,... READ MORE

What is Best Width for a Revision Surgery?

I am a very thin mother with a visible rib cage. I started with a deflated A cup. I used to have full C breasts. I had implants too wide placed 6... READ MORE

Solution for breasts that are too wide with mild wrinkling? (Photo)

I had saline implants placed in 20 years ago. My anatomy before was a wide chest wall which is accentuated with implants. With an athletic build my... READ MORE

Switch from over to under muscle. 5 wks post. Lump on left sternum & window shading of pec. Does cutting pec cause this? (photo)

5 weeks post - 335 cc saline overs to 500 CC silicone HP unders. Breast very wide and not high at all post surgery. Lump on left sternum I think from... READ MORE

If I get my saline implants replaced with smaller, wider, silicone implants, will I have a smaller gap btw my breasts? (photo)

I got saline, high profile breast implants when I was 19, I am now 24 and want to get my implants replaced. I was a 34A before and I am now a 34C. If... READ MORE

Can I get a cleavage and crease with narrow chest and wide sternum? (photos)

I had two surgeries, first time I had high profile 330cc , then 6 month later could put high profile 405cc(same doctor has to redo my beasts because... READ MORE

Switching Implant Profile from Moderate to High Profile. Will they give me more of a round pronounced look that I want?

I currently have Allergan SSM 505 implants. I am 116 lbs, 5"8" tall, 32 inches around chest. I have a wide sternum. I don't like the way my implants... READ MORE

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