Weight Loss + Breast Implant Revision

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Should I Replace my Saline Implants if They Have Ripples?

I had saline implants under the muscle 4 years ago and just now am starting to notice slight rippling. I recently lost about 10 pounds and wonder if... READ MORE

I Want to Increase my Size from 600cc's to 800 Cc's after Losing Weight, Good Option?

I am 5'6" 130lbs I have 600cc's now and wanting to increase to 800cc's. I like them now but I since I have had them I have lost more... READ MORE

Replace Implants, Should I Increase To 500cc or Go Even Bigger Implants Since I'll Continue Loosing Weight?

I'm a 5'2, 103 lbs, and as a result of weight training an change of diet I significantly lost fat and more than one bra size. I currently have... READ MORE

Would You Recommend 650cc HP or 550cc Mod +? (photo)

Drs are requesting repost with photos so here it is. I'm switching from saline to silicone, measure 14 diameter with current 480cc mods saline. Need... READ MORE

Breasts Too Large After Implants/lift.

I had a breast aug/lift 7 mos ago. At that time I was wearing a D bra, but PS told me that they were "surgically a C". I told him a small DD... READ MORE

How Can I Re-correct Breast Asymmetry After Weight Loss?

6 years ago I received an implant in my left breast to correct my breast asymmetry (left: B; right: DD). I have recently lost weight and now my right... READ MORE

Very Unhappy With BA/BL 3 Weeks Post Op. How Long Until I Can have a Revision?

I Am 5'3" and I Weigh 190 Pounds. I am very sad and unsatisfied with my results. I know i seem very large but have lost over 100 pounds... READ MORE

Can I Switch Over the Muscle to Under the Muscle (Sub Fascial) Implant to Prevent Future Sagging? (photo)

I was a natural 34dd, lost over 30 pounds, lost fullness and saggy breast, i got saline implants over the muscle (5 months ago) 650 cc left 700 cc... READ MORE

Chest Muscles Extremely Painful 1 Year After Breast Augumentation. Should I Be Concerned?

Had augumentation 25 yrs ago Due to weight loss I had lift and rev in 3/11, due to extreme CC had rev again 6/11 (extensive surger). Chest muscles... READ MORE

I want to elevate my nipple to a higher position & get more projection w/ rounder faker look but don't want to go bigger?(photo)

I naturally had large breast slowly over time I lost weight and breast volume so I had a small reduction lift with 250-300cc mod plus overs a year ago... READ MORE

What does it take to have pockets tighten after weightloss, BA surgery less than 3 years ago?

Curious what surgery revision would entail with tightening pockets 750ml silicone natrelle high profile under the muscle, I want to keep size and... READ MORE

Should I go for 480cc or 520cc implants?

I am a 36B, height 5'3 with larger shoulders than most petit women. Right now I weigh 130 lbs, but am in the process of losing weight ( just had a... READ MORE

Breast implant revision for an excess of skin after loosing weight. How can I ride off the excess skin without a lift? (Photo)

After my initial bresast implant surgery in july last year, I have lost around 8 kilo and now I have a lot of excess skin in particular on the left... READ MORE

Is it recommended to have a breast lift and augmentation revision done after 6 months?

After a 70 pound weight loss i decided to have a breast lift and augmentation about 6 months ago. Being only 20 i thought the results would be a lot... READ MORE

Do I needs lollipop scar? (photos)

Drs please help! I have lost weight and last year I finally decided to get implants 400cc mentors. But I am now finding myself unhappy with them, I am... READ MORE

Want to be a D. Already a full C..doctor doesn't know if he can make me a D?

I am scheduled for a revision in 10 days. I've had 3 kids; I am 27, 152lbs & 5'9. My 1st BA, 8 yrs ago, brought me from a very asymmetric small b to a... READ MORE

Uplift or uplift and implant? 8 years post op (Photo)

Uplift or uplift and implant I am wondering if I would be a suitable candidate for a breast lift and possible new implants? I don't wish to be bigger... READ MORE

Advice needed! I am 24 years old & after losing 20kg my breasts have gone from a full DD to a sad deflated C-D. (photo)

I am after a natural full breast with a bit of natural sag, hoping for a D-DD cup. One surgeon suggested I have a lift on my left breasts, and... READ MORE

I've had my saline implants for 24 years and then seem to have shifted after losing 20 lbs

To replace the implants is the cost still as expensive as the breast augmentation was? And do any of the American doctors also have a practice near... READ MORE

345cc HP Textured Pocket revision settling & weight loss post implants queries (Photo)

Implant didn't drop and had to have pocket reshaped and positioned. Its been 6 weeks - when will I see final shape after a pocket revision? They look... READ MORE

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