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Is a 510cc saline implant considered large for an extremely active person? (Photo)

I am 5'4 150lbs, My BWD are 12.5 and 13 cm, I am a 36 band size and have approx. 250 cc of natural breast tissue. I am debating between saline smooth... READ MORE

Weight Lifting After Implant Replacement?

I'm two weeks PO for a Breast Implant replacement. Went bigger, no issues. Silicone, high profile. I had no pain. Started lifting my 35 lbs son at... READ MORE

Powerlifting after breast augmentation revision?

2 weeks ago I had my 10 yr old 375cc saline implants replaced with 700cc silicone. Prior to my revision my 1rm bench was 170. I have been told that at... READ MORE

Can't Decide if I Should Replace Implants or Just Remove Them, Which is Best?

I've had my saline implants 5 years. I went from a small B to a full C, and just 5 years later they look terrible. I can't decide if I should... READ MORE

Do Breast Implants That Are Under the Muscle Drop from Weight Lifting After Many Years?

I have one breast that has dropped . I have had the for 14 years. I can see my pectoral muscle on this one and it seems less fuller looking. Should I... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Revision when is It Ok to Do Weight Training That Isolates Bi's/tri's Shoulders and Back?

Im 2 weeks post revision,i was unhappy with size and placement of old implants. I feel great no swelling and no pain.I have been walking and doing... READ MORE

Weight training after subglandular breast augmentation correction. When can I do it?

I am a bodybuilder/bikini competitor and had Subglandular breast implants in May 2012. My right breast developed capsular contracture around March... READ MORE

Are silicone implants safe for above the muscle?

I currently have under the muscle saline implants. I'm a Powerlifter and in 8 months I've popped two implants. I'm switching to silicone above the... READ MORE

I currently have 700cc implants and I'm looking to upsize to 1100-1200 range?

I currently have 700cc implants and I'm looking to upsize to 1100-1200 range. I have saline under the muscle and I have a pretty wide frame. Im... READ MORE

Chest work out damaging breast implants?

5'7 140lbs, athletic lifestyle, 20s, gone through 3 BA, have 800cc under muscle since sept 2015. I read too many different answers regarding if doing... READ MORE

Can six Breast surgeries had a long term effect on chest muscles as it pertains to weight lifting?

I have had 6 breast revisions in the past 3 years (two deflations then capsule contracture). My most recent was an inflammatory fold repair to one... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants under muscle - can I weight train my chest without making the distance wider?

I was flat chested, did my 1st BA 2013 but bottomed out, I went bigger for my 2nd in 2014 but the left breast still bottomed a little. I did my 3rd BA... READ MORE

Having issues with 17 year old anatomical saline implants.

I have 17 year old anatomical saline implants (axillary approach-went from 34A-small 34D). I My bra is very uncomfortable on the underside of my... READ MORE

What's the best choice for my breast implant rippling situation?

I have 400 cc mentor round mod + gel textured implants (subglandular placement). I'm training with heavy weights that's why I went on top of the... READ MORE

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