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I have over the muscle implants. Should I replace and keep implants over? (photos)

I had C breast with slight sag before. I have had over the muscle implants for 13yrs. I've had 2 kids since then and massive weight gain. They sag,... READ MORE

Weight gain - why does your entire body retain water after the surgery?

Why does your entire body retain water after the surgery? Not just the area you got operated on? I had my right breast revision done, and my whole... READ MORE

No fullness on top and even with lift looks sagging. Feel the problem w/ripples and fullness is due to wrong implant? (Photo)

Left is me, right is what I wanted. rippling because thin skin & wrong shape implant I believe?. I have gained 30lbs to help the skin but still... READ MORE

Will my Breast Return to Original Appearance or Will I Have to Undergo a Breast Reduction/lift?

I was 125lbs when I had my breast augmentation almost two years ago. With in these two years I reached 162lbs and I went from a D cup at surgery to a... READ MORE

What kind of revision do I need? Do I need a lift as well? (Photo)

I had a BA in 2011. Before 34B perky, now DD saggy. I feel like my implants have always sat very high! It wasn't so bad the first year I got them done... READ MORE

12 Year Old Implants Acting Up I Think Due to Weight Gain?

I had a full lift and silicone implants in 1990 and then had them re-done on advice no cause again in 2004 now I just gained 45 lbs. 6 months ago,... READ MORE

Breast reduction with thread lift? Or breast fat removed keep implants and thread lift?

I'm interested in removing my 400cc and replacing them with 300cc and getting a lift with the threading technique? First can I go smaller with my... READ MORE

I'm in severe pain suffering from cc. Want the implants removed. Any suggestions? (photos)

Originally I was a small A cup and had BA with sailine 14 years ago. I suffered from cc and had them replaced with silicone under the muscle. I read a... READ MORE

I had a BA 3.5 years ago and disliked the results from the beginning. Can it be fixed without major scarring? (Photo)

I gained approximately 70lbs and HATE my breasts. They are so large and droopy and uncomfortable. I'm currently losing the weight (originally I was... READ MORE

What procedures do you need if you've had implants 15 years ago and you need an extensive lift? After weight gain and babies

Will i need the lift performed and then new implants put in the original implants place? will i have to go up in the size of the implant to notice a... READ MORE

Cohesive gel implants made me sick. Will saline implants make me sick as well?

In spite of what any doctor or study may say, I've had implants for precisely three months and they DID make me sick. I experienced persistent... READ MORE

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