Warranty + Breast Implant Revision

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Paying to Replace Leaking Implants

Live in oregon and i received saline implants 8 yrs ago.i have always had an itch on that side in the same place,right side saline has leaked... READ MORE

Revision for Saline Breast Implant. How Long Does Paperwork Take If Under Warranty?

My saline breast implant (left) started leaking after 6 weeks post op. My doctor told me my warranty will cover the entire cost of the procedure since... READ MORE

If Covered Under Warranty, Why Not Replace Both? (photo)

I had implants replaced in 08 after a rupture.I was very please with the results.Last year at 42 i got pregnant unexpected.During pregnancy my breast... READ MORE

Is a Breast Augmentation Revision Warranted? (photo)

I had 210cc (diam 11.2) unders in moderate profile put in 8 weeks ago. I wanted to go bigger but my PS said anything bigger would look "unnatural" on... READ MORE

Does the Sientra warranty apply when getting a breast implant revision?

If Sientra implants are used for a breast implant revision, after having different type of implants in the original surgery, is the Sientra warranty... READ MORE

Will my Natrelle warranty still cover my implant replacement if my doctor is wrong and my implant isn't leaking?

My doctor believes that I have a slow pinhole leak in my right saline implant. Does anyone know what happens if we schedule surgery to fix this and... READ MORE

Ruptured Mcgahn Implant replacement Warranty. (photo)

I had my Augmentation in 1998, after 7 yrs. Mcgahn saline implants. My left imlpant decreased in size by at least 1 cup. I had a mammogram and the Dr.... READ MORE

Mentor extended warranty

If it turns out that I have cc in 1 breast my extended warranty covers replacement of both implants in whatever size I want correct? READ MORE

Does warrenty implant replacement need to be performed by the original doctor?

I have mentor silicone implants that were placed 14 months ago. A recent mamogram has shown that one may be ruptured. I know that mentor will cover... READ MORE

Post pregnancy revision surgery free?

I see all these girls say that they get revisions after they breastfeed their babies. They say that the milk adds CCs and makes them look uneven. They... READ MORE

My saline implant is leaking , I know I have a 10 year warranty

Now how much from my pocket would i have to pay to replace my implant with a new saline implant READ MORE

I have had 3 breast surgeries. Had my first Implants in 2011. My current implants are too small. Should I have more surgery?

Then had the.taken out after having my daughter in 2013 then did not like.the deflation look so had them.put back in 2014 size 250cc do not like the... READ MORE

Breast augmentation, what information is given to manufacturers?

I had breast implants a few years ago and will be getting them replaced by another surgeon for larger ones, will the manufacturer know that I have... READ MORE

I had Mcghan saline implants in 2001, replaced 7 years later as right breast had leaky valve. It's leaking again. What can I do?

Now 7 years later my right breast is leaking again. I have a 10 year warranty , my surgeon wants to charge me 4300.00 to replace. This is nothing in... READ MORE

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