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How Long After Donut Lift w/ Implants Do I Need to Wait to Do Revision?

I had a donut lift with implants. I am unhappy with my results. I didn't want implants to begin with but my doc informed me i would have a... READ MORE

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Have Implants Exchanged for a Smaller Size?

I recently had breast augmentation with 400cc silicone highprofile implants under the muscle one month ago. I am very unhappy with my results, I am... READ MORE

Why Do I Have to Wait For A Revision? My First Result Is Awful. (photo)

Why, when my doctor already knows I'll need a revision for lateral displacement and knows she'll need to cut the pockets to release the... READ MORE

Should I Wait to Get my Breast Implant Revision After I Am Done Having Babies?

I had breast augmentation surgery back in 2002. I am considering getting a revision to have bigger implants. I am 35 and have never had any babies or... READ MORE

Is My Revision for Bottoming Out Also a "Botched Job"? (photo)

I had an augmentation 9 months ago. The left bottomed out. Not much, but enough. I'd lost faith in my original surgeon so I hired another to do... READ MORE

Can I Have my Implants Fixed While I Still Produce Breast Milk?

I had a baby 19 months ago and got silicon breast implant via armpit a years ago and now i want to get my implants fixed due to uneven nipples, but... READ MORE

Downsizing Sooner Rather Than Later? Need Second Opinion.

PS chose 300cc-400cc range for my 32A 5'5" athletic frame. I loved to 300's but the nurse and my friend urged me to embrace cleavage and ultimately I... READ MORE

Bottoming out? What needs to be done to fix this and should I wait til after kids? (photo)

I had my BA done about 5 years ago. Had bottoming out within the first year on both sides so I had a revision. Because of asymmetry, the surgeon used... READ MORE

How long to wait to get my left breast fixed? Is Oct 31 to soon to upgrade to high profile? I have 450cc low profile. (photos)

Had a breast lift, reduction, implants on 7/21/16. Day 4 stitches underneath the implant broke. The implant fell it shifts around my whole left side... READ MORE

Wanting a redo, how long should I wait? I am about 7 weeks post BA. (photos)

I currently have 375 cc high profile silicone implants and don't really notice a huge different in size they are just more round but don't really... READ MORE

I have symmastia & want to get it fixed. Any doctor recommendations? (Photo)

I wonder if possibly the implants to large. I was a 34a before me now 34c and have 300cc memory gel silicone implants ... help. Also wondering if I... READ MORE

How could this breast implant be fixed? Revision or should I wait longer? (photos)

I had revision on the right breast for bottoming out a month ago. Now my left breast is higher than the right and different shape. Should I wait... READ MORE

Muscle spasm or Capsular Contracture? (photos)

It seems like my right implant has an early stage of capsular contracture. It is starting to get firm at the bottom of my breasts, the top is still... READ MORE

Breast revision from saline 300 to silicone 425 cc. It's been about six weeks post op. Any suggestions?

Still not sure if this will be my size, or can I still go down. I bought some bras, but not sure if I should wait to buy more. READ MORE

Do I need a revision? Should I be concerned? (photos)

I had my breast done in May one of them dropped really well but the other has yet to drop. I just came back from my doctors and hes said that they... READ MORE

I have saline implants since 1994 and they are in terrible pain. Do I need to worry about this pain?

I had saline implants in 1994. I know I have scarring. They look terrible, are hard as a rock and both are in terrible pain. Can the scarring tissue... READ MORE

From over to under muscle - or wait?

I have 345 over the muscle.I had ultrasound(pain in my left breast) result is inflammation and small cysts.I want to place implant under the muscle... READ MORE

Should I get a Revision now or wait until I'm done having kids?

I had a breast augmentation done 7 years ago, with saline implants. I had my first child over a year ago and my husband and do plan on having another... READ MORE

Will my skin tighten up? I had 700cc implants under muscle for two years. 1 week post-op. (Photos)

I had 700cc implants under muscle for two years, the fold was lowered. I just had removal/replacement and reparation of fold with 415cc silicone dual... READ MORE

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