Volume Loss + Breast Implant Revision

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Replace Implants, Should I Increase To 500cc or Go Even Bigger Implants Since I'll Continue Loosing Weight?

I'm a 5'2, 103 lbs, and as a result of weight training an change of diet I significantly lost fat and more than one bra size. I currently have... READ MORE

I would like to ask opinions. I want new implants. Mine have lost volume and rippled due to weight loss. (Photo)

Do I need an uplift? I really don't want to. But I do want much bigger more high profile fake looking if you will! Can an uplift be done internally... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Silicone Implants?

I have had 2 breast augmentations in past. 325cc saline submuscular than 5 years later 425 silicones submuscular due to implant rupture on right side.... READ MORE

Pregnancy After Implants, Volume Loss and Implants are Firm? What Size/Type Should I Replace With?

I have implants but after my implants I got pregnant. Now I have lost all fullness on top and my implants are firm feeling also the look wide set. I'd... READ MORE

I'm 5'7", 175 lbs, 34DD, & have saline implants 330cc. Wanting to switch to silicone. Is 750cc the right way to go?

I am wanting to add volume lost at the top of the breast and wouldn't mind to be a little bigger. My breast fall to the sides when I lay down and was... READ MORE

On my 4th week after augmentation, how soon could a Revision surgery be done? (photos)

What could've gone wrong? I had breast augmentation with Cresentlift saline fill on June 22, left (400cc) breast lost all of its volume and right... READ MORE

Breast lift 5 yrs ago,since had another child. Want to restore volume in deflated breasts. Lift or implants do the job? (photo)

Had breast lift 5 yrs ago after having my 2nd child.Breasts were always a bit saggy even before kids. Areolas big. Since lift I have had another child... READ MORE

Does anyone specialize in rippling after all normal options failed?

I'm trying to locate a doctor that specializes in breast revisions, especially RIPPLING. I've had several breast surgeries to try to correct rippling... READ MORE

Breast implants done a week ago. Has my double bubble not been fixed? (photos)

Had 600cc silicon moderate plus implant overs done a week ago due to dbl bubble with 320 low profile overs. I feel I'm way 2 big. How much volume will... READ MORE

Will implants be enough? (photos)

Past breastlift 5 years ago. Asked question yesterday and I don't think surgeons even read my details. Nipple is above crease, the pencil was to show... READ MORE

Low, flaccid and floppy after Breast replacement, What can I do? (photos)

Hi,i had a firm perky 360cc breast implants I replaced them after 10 years with 450cc,but now one is more down than the other one, both are flacid and... READ MORE

What if surgeon refuses another revision?

After fifth revision as seen in picture I dwnloaded ive had four different lots of implants the fourth lot had a special coating which suited me as... READ MORE

Will switching from High Profile to Moderate Plus profile help create more of a natural look? (photos)

I have had my 525cc HP saline implants for 14 years. I have noticed that one seems smaller than the other. Maybe I lost some volume? I would like to... READ MORE

Loss of volume (follow-up)

Referring to question what was asked by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards MD plastic surgeon yes I've had breast augem entation but the last surgery was... READ MORE

Loss of volume and asymmetry. (Photo)

Had revision surgery 7 weeks ago stil not happy with outcome rght one stil bigger than left when lie down can feel implant alover in left but in right... READ MORE

Is it possible to lose volume from breast revision surgery?

Two weeks post op from a breast aug revision to fix bottoming out. My surgeon and I agreed my original implants (260 cc silicone unders) were a nice... READ MORE

Right breast revision. Size is smaller now and breast has no volume or roundness. 10 days post op (Photo)

He took the implant out - cleaned it and took cc out. It now looks way smaller and the skin is loose. My left breast is now a DD and my right a C. I... READ MORE

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