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2 Weeks Post Op and Rippling and Bottoming Out? (photo)

1st BA 8 yrs ago 365cc overs, looked amazing, since had 2 babies lost size, fullness etc, I found a new PS in my area and 2 weeks ago had surgery to... READ MORE

Open Capsulotomy Didn't Fix my Problem. What to Do Now?

I just recently (1 week to be exact) had a open capsulotomy and i was advised by my PS to use the strap for atleast 3 weeks for my left breast to... READ MORE

Implant Replacement After Having Kids. Will a Larger Implant Work Instead of Lift?

I am 39, 5'7, 145lbs - In 96 I had smooth/round saline implants via periareolar incisions positioned subpectoral, on the right 375 and left was... READ MORE

I'm Wanting to Get New Implants What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I had saline implants placed 3 years ago and a lift since then I've had a pregnancy and the fullness on top is no longer there. It seems as though I... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago. Is there something wrong? (Photo)

Help. I had a breat augmentation 2 weeks ago today. Here is the situation. I had breast implants 14 years ago via the tuba method. One breast bottomed... READ MORE

Should I Have my Implant 150cc -200cc Placed for Upper Pole Fullness or Will It Fill Up More over Time? (photo)

I had a full lift and 330cc implant to my original saggier 34DD breast back in Nov. 7th...I was unhappy after surgery due to them being too big with... READ MORE

Switching Implant Profile? (photo)

If I choose a different implant profile will I get more upper pole fullness?. In the photo I have 460cc round saline. My Ps Recommends textured gel... READ MORE

5 weeks post op. Breast replacement 620 cc to 360 cc and breast lift. My breast do not look right. (Photo)

I am Post op 5 weeks. My breasts feel way to low and not enough top pole fullness. I noticed the underneath of my breasts have creases and are hanging... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Add Volume to my Upper Breast?

I currently have implants they've dropped and now I have ski slop breasted also they seem set far apart and too firm. My current implants are saline... READ MORE

Do I Need Revision Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift? (photo)

I had breast augmentation along with beneli lift 16 weeks ago, I do not like how my breast sit low and I have no upper pole fullness or cleavage. I... READ MORE

Should I Revise my Breast Aug from a Moderate Plus 325 Cc Implant to a 400 Cc Hp Implant for Upper Pole Fullness? (photo)

I have an average to wide chest wall and i have a natural space between my breasts. I have had one child and i had lost alot of volume in my breast... READ MORE

I hate my breasts post op. Should a new dr do the revision and should it be done ASAP before my muscle and skin heels? (Photo)

My breasts don't look any better post op and are droopy and basically don't even look like I had any implant put in, I wanted upper pole fullness and... READ MORE

What is the average distance nipple to crease and how do you measure it?

What is the ideal distance nipple to crease for a C-D cup? Specifically 371cc. Do you measure it from nipple to crease or bottom areola to crease ?... READ MORE

Can I switch my moderate plus profile implants for high profile implants?

Right now I am 110lbs. 5.4" tall. Pre op I wore a 32 b cup. I had a breast augmentation and I wanted upper pole fullness and no side boob. He put in... READ MORE

Follow-up: Suggestions? Muscle flex deformity. How should I proceed with a revision? (photos)

I had 275cc silicone implants put in (submuscular) a year ago to add fullness to the upper pole. When I flex they look very strange. I'm... READ MORE

Breast Uplift Removal Replacement and Size Query? (photo)

I want Fake looking not natural boobs - extra high profile - full upper poll, around 700cc 6.5 projection and 13.9 diameter - in eurosillicon book... READ MORE

I want rounder boobs with more cleavage, Is it possible without having a lift? (Photo)

I feel like my current implants have dropped and I have no upper poll fullness would having larger rounder implants help? READ MORE

Should I Replace Silicone to Saline? (photo)

Having surgery to fix breast next week. Doc wants me to change to 500cc cuz I have no upper pole and cleavage. He said right breast is hung up or is... READ MORE

Would over filled saline give me round look and upper pole fullness? (photo)

I currently have 375cc and 400cc silicone under .Im not happy with them .they look too natural and a little bit saggy to me.do you think switching to... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breasts w hypertrophic scars after surgery, should i get Implant Revision? (photos)

Asian,20s.170cm,70kg.Jan2013 silimed 485cc xtra high,silicone gel filled,roundbase,polyurethan surface implant. Upper pole n under pectoral muscle, on... READ MORE

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