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Going from 390cc to 550cc is Going to Make Me Look Fake? (photo)

I have 390 cc saline implants and going to change them next week but I need to know if 550cc is going to make me look to big; I'm 5 9" and weight 150... READ MORE

Unhappy with Far Apart and Lateral? (photo)

I had 325cc HP (under musle) post-op 3 month ago. I am not happy with the gap between my breast and lateral.They look fake for me. I am really petite... READ MORE

Breast Uplift Removal Replacement and Size Query? (photo)

I want Fake looking not natural boobs - extra high profile - full upper poll, around 700cc 6.5 projection and 13.9 diameter - in eurosillicon book... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation 3 Years Ago, Do I Need a Full Revision or is There Something else That Can Be Done? (photo)

The implants were placed behind the muscle. I'm happy with the front view but from the side they just don't look natural. READ MORE

Need Advise or Help from a Surgeon?

After losing 40lbs i was left with small deflated breasts. I underwent a BA in July 2012. My surgeon said i was a candidate for a lift but that he... READ MORE

Implant placement? (Photo)

Hi I gage had breast augmentation, 230 low profile. I am skinny and requested and was agreed under the muscle. I have now had it confirmed that... READ MORE

Will I need a lift if I exchange for a smaller implant? Do my breasts look saggy and to large for my frame? (Photos)

I am 5'10 135 lbs, I went from a 32 B to a 32 DDD (375cc) which horrified me because I only wanted a D cup. I feel that everyone stares and they don't... READ MORE

Unhappy with results after 3 months. (photos)

Hi everyone, I posted on here one day after my surgery as I was unhappy with the results. I am now at the 3 month point and am still as unhappy. I... READ MORE

Do I need a lift for implant exchange if I don't want to go bigger? (photos)

I have 20 yo 360cc round textured silicone implants under muscle nipple placement. Although still soft and intact, I've never loved the unnatural... READ MORE

I am almost a year post op, and one side(the left side) has always been healing much slower than the other side. (photo)

My right side started to look more natural recently, but the left side is still very high and the upper pole looks very unnatural. When I exercise,... READ MORE

Can the aesthetic of my breasts be improved? (Photos)

I am 2 years postop from an intiial breast aug. I haven't been as pleased as I hoped with the overall look and considering secondary surgery to... READ MORE

Can i go from 370cc to 500cc? I had my surgery about 2.5 y ago and my implants were 370cc silicon gel filled. (photos)

My height:165 & my weight:49kg One of my implants has been damaged due to an accident i had & i'm gonna change them & i wanna change the... READ MORE

Breast augmentation: is this my final result? Or can the implant be lifted? (photos)

On Feb 13th I got 405cc silicone implants placed under the muscle. The purpose was to fill the breast tissue after substantial weightloss. My surgeon... READ MORE

I want silicone breast implants. Will I need a breast lift to address the excess skin issue?

I want big perky full breast. I am 5ft 11 in shape medium frame. I don't want my breasts to sag what's the biggest I can go to avoid this? I had small... READ MORE

How difficult is it to convert existing implants from sub glandular into dual plane?

Hi, how difficult is it to make implants that are currently subglandular into dual plane? Can you keep the implants and just tuck them under the... READ MORE

I am 60 years young. Over the muscle 425cc silicone implants look unnatural on my thin frame. What is the fix? (Photo)

Over muscle saline implants removed and replaced with silicone in 2009. When I asked the doctor if they were under the muscle at my post op appt he... READ MORE

How can I achieve a more round natural look? (photo)

I have had 3 breast surgeries in the past year. I recently switched from anatomicals to smooth rounds and am So much happier with the feel. However I... READ MORE

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