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Unhappy With Results, What Is The Protocol For Breast Augmentation Revision Pricing?

1st week follow up after having BA. I was a bit shocked at my PCs attitude. He seemed to be defensive when I said I did not like the results. He also... READ MORE

Was my Breast Revision To Correct CC and Bottoming Out Done Correctly? (photo)

Went to a revision specialist to correct the following: Capsular contraction - left breast. Bottoming out - right breast. Surgeon performed: Capsule... READ MORE

How Serious is an Incision Opening 4 Weeks After Breast Augmentation?

I had implants 12 years ago over the muscle and it was amazing. They looked great, recovery was 2 days. They started to look very firm and fake and it... READ MORE

Unhappy With Breast Size, Is A Revision An Option For Me?

Hi, I had very small breast with 12.5 cm breast width and firm skin,Im 5'3" and 110lb, 24 years old. My surgeon decided to put 330 silicon... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts Still Not Right 12 Months After BA Surgery, What Are My Options?

Hi, I had my BA surgery 12 months ago. I had incisions made below my natural high creases ( I had tubular breasts). My surgeon said they 'would... READ MORE

Will my Surgeon Give Me a Breast Implant Revision? (photo)

I'm really disappointed with my size. I had a 32a and wanted a D. I tried on the sizers and decided to go with 400cc since they told me that would... READ MORE

I'm Not Happy with the Results of my Breast Job. Should the Plastic Surgeon Offer to Correct It? (photo)

Jan. 2012 I had my 2nd breast surgery to correct my asymmetrical breasts. I was a "C" left and a "D" cup right. I already had an implant put in my... READ MORE

Breasts Too Large After Implants/lift.

I had a breast aug/lift 7 mos ago. At that time I was wearing a D bra, but PS told me that they were "surgically a C". I told him a small DD... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision Due to Lateral Displacement? (photo)

I'm almost 2 months post op. My implants aren't dropping much and they are so oddly shifted under my arms that I cant even wear a normal top.... READ MORE

Just Had Revision Surgery for Malposition & Rippling. Still Disappointed With Small Boobs and Nipple Position? (photo)

This was my 3rd surgery (2nd was switch to silicone &larger implants) I had malposition& rippling. Was not guaranteed a significant change in... READ MORE

What is the Minimum Wait Time to Remove and Replace Brazilian Breast Implants That Don't Look Right? (photo)

I had anatomical implants ten months ago which I loved instantly post op. They then rotated and continued to do so. 3 weeks ago my surgeon replaced... READ MORE

Is This Right? Bad BA Revision Results (photo)

First Breast Augmentation and Mini-Tummy Tuck in June 2011. Subglandular, Silicon 600cc's both sides, inframammary incision. First photo is 3... READ MORE

What Implant Profile Will Give Me a Bigger Fuller Look?

Hello, I had my first breast augmentation last year but am very unhappy with the size result.. however my doctor did an excellent job otherwise..My... READ MORE

I Am Unhappy with How Close my Breasts Are, Had Them Done 5 Mth Ago when is the Best Time to Get Them Redone?

Also my PS isn't wanting to talk about fixing them he feels they look good, but I am not happy. Should I keep trying to talk to him or should I go... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Implants Not to Have Fully Dropped if Surgery Was in January, 2012?

I went from saline over the muscle implants to silicone under the muscle implants in January. The implants haven't completely dropped and I feel... READ MORE

Better to Explant or Revise in my Case of Implant Displacement? I Don't Mind a Long Term Plan if Final Result Are Good!

I had 200cc silicone implants 8 months ago. I misunderstood doctor's orders, massaging implants downward HARD, resulting in immediate pain,... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Doctors Who Perform Breast Revision Surgeries Using EPTFE?

I had very uneven breasts. My small side was a large A cup and the large side a C cup. I had an implant on the small side and a lift on the large side... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange Expectations Not Met... Now What?

I just had a breast implant exchange. One had deflated. I my agreement it said "increase 1 cup size". I learned my previous implant was... READ MORE

Why Do I Have to Wait For A Revision? My First Result Is Awful. (photo)

Why, when my doctor already knows I'll need a revision for lateral displacement and knows she'll need to cut the pockets to release the... READ MORE

Why Did the Surgeon Not Listen to Me? (photo)

8 yrs ago I had a benelli lift 375cc R & 325cc L. 6 months later I had the anchor with 275cc R & 225cc L. 7 weeks ago I had a revision. I told... READ MORE

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