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After Breast Implant Surgery, my Nipples Are Crooked? (photo)

I had implants put in in 2005. They were much, much larger than I wanted and I lost nipple sensation on my left side. On the right I have significant... READ MORE

Misaligned Nipples and Asymmetrical Breasts, 5 Month Post-op - What Can Be Done? (photo)

5m. post-op and my breasts are more asymmetrical than before the surgery: misaligned nipples and right implant is 2in. off-center and falls off under... READ MORE

Asymmetric Nipples. Revision Without A Lift? Am I Bottoming Out? Is Their Hope? (photo)

Hi again :) I read all of the advice given with my previous question regarding my asymmetric breasts (TY!). I have provided pics of my pre op breasts,... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Hematoma Following Implant Exchange? (photo)

Suffered an acute hematoma almost 2 wks after implant exchange and areola reduction on 1/17(right breast). After 2 days hematoma was surgically... READ MORE

Considering Breast Implant Revision/Tubular Deformity? (photo)

8yrs ago I had a BS to correct tubular deformity. I had 270cc saline placed over the muscle w/ no lift. At first my nipples still "puckered out" over... READ MORE

Recurrent Capsular Contracture and Uneven Nipples? (Photos)

I had a BA in 2008 (saline, under muscle). I quickly developed cc in left breast and finally had a revision with new surgeon in 2014 (silicone... READ MORE

What size to get? Height: 5'9" Weight: 138 pounds Size before BA: 36A Current: 36B Desired: full 36C/D (photos)

In August 2014 I had my first BA. 250R and 275L implants.I am very disappointed as they are too small Getting revision surgery in June 2015 but am... READ MORE

What would the best method be to correct my previous Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I went from a C cup with saline over the muscle. I am now a 34DDD and want them fixed. I want a perky c cup and symmetrical nipples :( READ MORE

Are my implants too low? 6 weeks post revision (Photo)

I had 510 FX 335 g that rotated. I'm 6 weeks post revision, 525 cc implants (12.75 ). There is nipple assymetry and nipples are very high, which I... READ MORE

What is wrong with my breasts? Did they bottom out or are they okay? (Photo)

I am 8 months post breast augmentation and lift revision (325 CC under the muscle). My nipples don't appear to be centred over the implants and my... READ MORE

Breast lift revision for scars and nipple position. Can I get tattoos to cover my scars? (Photo)

My nipples are not leveled and I don't like my scars is there a way I can get a Breast revision to fix my nipples and have less noticeable scars and... READ MORE

Do I need a doughnut lift to fix asymmetrical nipple which is low and large? (Photo)

I edited one of the pictures to my ideal results I'm looking for, are these results possible? Seems that with just fixing the nipple the entire breast... READ MORE

Uneven asymmetric nipples after lift / implant exchange /capsule repair, is there something I can do to help this? (photo)

My Dr said my breasts will stay how they are (he used mesh for capsule repair)- i guess my "pockets" were destroyed. He knows I workout & lift weights... READ MORE

Nipples are not lined up after surgery. Are they likely to change? (Photo)

I had my old saline implants removals and replace with silicone implants yesterday . After feeling and looking, my nipples are not symmetrical - big... READ MORE

Is this normal and will they settle down to have a bit more symmetry? They look terrible. (photos)

I'm 4 days past a double mastopexy and removal and replace existing implants. It looks like my surgeon has not done a very good job. My nipples are... READ MORE

Breast Aug revision. What's the best route to fix uneven nipples? (Photo)

I'm a few months shy of my two years post op of BA/BL and I'm thinking, revision. My breast were very uneven from the start, so I understand I get... READ MORE

I just had my second breast aug, 700 cc silicone under muscle. Is it normal for my nipples to be uneven?

Is it normal post op 6 days for one breast to be settling faster to make my nipples un even on my side? READ MORE

Am I asymmetrical or do I have uneven areolas? (Photo)

I'm 2 weeks post-op and I fell fine, I'm healing well but I feel like I have one perfect breast and one ...well no so perfect breast. My PS is in FL... READ MORE

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