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Downsizing Implants from 650HP Mentor Silicone to 450 Natrelle Style 10/15 or Mentor 500 Mod Plus Silicone? (photo)

I am downgrading from 650HP silicone Mentor implant with another lift.My PS has suggested 500 mod plus Mentor silicone . My BWD is in the 14cm range.I... READ MORE

Do Saline and Silicone with the Same Cc's Look the Same? Is HP the Best to Option? How Many Cc's to Achieve in the D Range?

I'm 5'2 117 pounds. I have had 275 cc filled to 300cc round saline for nine yrs now. I have been on a consult but am a little confused on what size to... READ MORE

Why Surgeons in Europe and the US Seem to Recommend Different Implants and Who to Listen to? (photo)

I'm a girl from Denmark. Due to my slim figure (5.10 and 121 lbs), surgeons in Denmark have recommended me to get highly cohesive anatomical implants... READ MORE

8 Yr Old McGhan Implants Deflated, How Do I Choose What Type of Implant to Replace them With?

Are there any studies that have shown why one is better than the other. Also, I am now considering the new silicone gel implant, how safe is the... READ MORE

Polyurethane Implants, Round or Anatomical, Moderate Profile?

Im undergoing a revision due to CC using polyurethane implants. My new surgeon recommended them and has the experience. Current anatomical implants... READ MORE

Any Dangers or Drawbacks to Using Strattice, Alloderm or Allomax? Is Allomax Safer? Which Works Best to Prevent Contracture?

Had 3 capsular contractures and an explant in breast aug/rev in 3 yrs. I was told textured shaped implant under muscle with strattice, alloderm or... READ MORE

Silicone Implants Vs Saline?

I am having my old (too large) saline implants removed and having a mastoplexy with smaller implants placed under the muscle with Strattice usage next... READ MORE

What Bra Type Would Be Best for Me?

I am having Breast Implant Revision Surgery in about a month due to my implants dropping to low. My ps says I need to wear a non underwire bra but... READ MORE

I'm getting a revision done soon due to CC on right breast. Should I get smooth implants again or textured this time? (Photo)

I had my BA in February 2014 I had 375cc smooth round mod plus implants under the muscle. Saw my surgeon as I had noticed changes on my right. and he... READ MORE

Pregnancy After Implants, Volume Loss and Implants are Firm? What Size/Type Should I Replace With?

I have implants but after my implants I got pregnant. Now I have lost all fullness on top and my implants are firm feeling also the look wide set. I'd... READ MORE

For Replacement of Deflated Saline Implant with Silicone Gel Implant. What Would Be my Best Option? Allergan? Mentor? Sientra?

Current saline implants:225cc.under the pectoralis muscles.(surgery10 years ago) I want silicone round shape implants not more than 250cc, under the... READ MORE

Texture or Smooth Implant to Prevent Capsular Contracture Only on my Right Side of Breast?

Please help, How do I tell the implant was place under or over muscle? my first time implant was have mild capsular contracture. For second time... READ MORE

I had my breast surgery May 2014, 410cc. Need help choosing implant for my revision surgery! Round or stay tear drop?

I breast fed 2 kids so had very empty breast sacks. I Had 410cc anatomical silimed polyurathane implants. 12.3 width & height, 6.6 projection & 8.3... READ MORE

Breast Implant Innovations? Reducing Capsular Contracture...

Has anyone heard of an implant manufacturer releasing an implant which is coated in a bio engineered collagen coating? I really would rather go... READ MORE

Type of Implants For Active Person?

I workout 6 times a week and do a lot of push-ups, what type of implants should i get, and should it be placed under or over the muscle? I have to say... READ MORE

What size and type of implant would you recommend for my revision? (photos)

I have 10yr old Naturelle saline low profile implants. After breastfeeding 3 babies, they are rippling along the edges, droopy, assemetrical, and now... READ MORE

Will a reaugment with a larger implant help with cleavage? If so, what type of implant would be best for my body type? (Photo)

I had an Augment w/ lift about 2yr ago after a large weight loss. I am 5'9 about 160 lbs. I was hoping the Surgery would helped me with more cleavage,... READ MORE

What is Inspira SCX? I can't seem to find my type of implant.

My card says SCX-470 Naturelle Inspira Cohesive Breast Implant. I've looked on the charts & they are not listed or else I'm looking in the wrong place... READ MORE

I would like to downsize 400cc saline implants I got 11 years ago. What size & type would you recommend? Do I need a BL? (Photo)

I'm 4'11, have 2 kids (breastfed both), weigh 127. I want the fullness, but don't want too look fake or too big for my body frame. My other concerns:... READ MORE

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