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What to Expect After Capsulorraphy

I am 3 weeks post op, revision. My doctor did a beautiful job of correcting my previous augmentation and tubular breast deformity by performing a... READ MORE

Breasts Still Uneven and Painful After 2 Revision Surgeries

I had my original implants done in 2004. I have tubular breasts, size AA to a full B/beg C. Since then I've had surgery 2x on only my right breast... READ MORE

Why Would Someone Get a Breast Lift As Opposed to a Capsulorrhaphy or Capsuloplasty?

Had implants done two weeks ago and although it is still early I am concerned about a double bubble. My breasts were borderline breast lift material..... READ MORE

Had Tubular Breast Correction, I Need Another Lift and I Want Larger Implants and Scar Revision What Options do I Have? (photo)

I had a lift/augmentation 5 months ago. I had tubular breasts, & cup size difference. The doctor made an insision around my areola's, reduced... READ MORE

Do I Have Bottoming out and Double Bubble? (photo)

I had tubular breasts and got 325cc implants overs in 2005 a few months after i went to get my areolas reduced in the hope it would fix my double... READ MORE

Do You Agree with my PS? Do You Feel I Should Let It Be? Or is There a Better More Effective Method in Fixing It? (photo)

I had slight tubular breasts. I got a breast augmentation in sep.2011. I originally was a about a 34B. I got 500 cc silicone implants high profile in... READ MORE

Best implant choice for tall, slim woman with wide spread breasts? (photos)

I have anatomical silicone implants- 270cc's. PreOp I was a small, saggy, (slightly) tubular B. All I wanted was to be a full B with great shape and... READ MORE

Tubular Breast Correction Bad? (photo)

I asked a question n most asked for before pics so here they issue isnt the acars its all the areola that is left and the shape and double... READ MORE

Considering Breast Implant Revision/Tubular Deformity? (photo)

8yrs ago I had a BS to correct tubular deformity. I had 270cc saline placed over the muscle w/ no lift. At first my nipples still "puckered out" over... READ MORE

Reinserting implants into tubular breasts, do I need scoring? (photo)

I had saline implants for 6 mos before I had to have them removed due to an infection.At the time I didnt know I had tubular breasts & I wasnt... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, my breast has a weird shape, nipple are too high, and have loose skin. Is this normal? (photos)

Please help.. 4 weeks post op. This is the third time. 350 and 375cc over muscle. Theres a "line" across my right breast and a square shape. In... READ MORE

Tubular Breasts Revision? (photo)

Helo, I'll be very happy if you can recommand me, I had tubular breasts revision 2 years ago I dont have a picture of my breasts before the operation,... READ MORE

Is the tissue strattice matrix the best option? Need second opinion because it is expensive.

My saline implant has rippled (bad) my left breast is now very saggy. When I lay down they fall into the armpit and shows two gaping holes in my... READ MORE

What to Expect After a Saline Implant Deflation with Extensive Capsular Contracture and Tubular Breasts?

I had breast augmentation 6 years ago because I had Tubular Breasts with very narrow bases on both breasts. I got "small C's", under the muscle. After... READ MORE

Would removing the subglandular implants and placing a smaller (going from a 340 to a 200) implant subpectoral work?

A year ago, I had silicon implants and a lift to correct tubular breasts. I'm unhappy, as the doctor made me larger than I wanted, and they are... READ MORE

What do you think of my results? 415cc uhp, start w/ mild tuberous. Considering a revision and would like your opinions! (photo)

Hi doctors! I am happy about my procedure, but I am wondering if anything can be done to fix my right implant- see photos- the bottom is flat and my... READ MORE

Breasts Seem Too Small After 2 Surgeries to Fix my Very Severe Tubular Breasts?

I am 5 days post breast surgery. I had bilateral removal of becker breast expanders, capsulectomy and mastopexy and insertion of 4oocc and 440 cc... READ MORE

650 cc silicone over muscle revision (photos)

Started off with tubular breasts. Got a areolar mastopexy 475 cc saline under muscle . i've been having bad muscle flex deformity , a wide gap in... READ MORE

Can my left breast fold be lowered with surgery to be more like my right breast? (photos)

I had tubular breast and had surgery in 2011. I healed with my left breast kind of drooping more than my right breast. Can that be fixed by lowering... READ MORE

Slight tubular correction breast surgery 5 years ago. I am so unhappy with how my breasts look. Are they fixable?

I had my implants 5 years ago. I am 5ft 112 lbs. I had the right breast (smaller) crease scored. I also had a lift done. I have 300cc gel implants in... READ MORE

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