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Tuberous Breast Correction Revision Surgery

I had tuberous breasts corrected over a year ago with a lift, areola reduction, lowering of the crease and mod saline implants put in partially behind... READ MORE

BA revision, (most likely) bottoming out, double bubble, lateral displacement, and muscle flexion deformity (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation performed 10/2008. I went from a big A to a DD. From my research, I had concluded that I had tuberous breasts, however; my... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts Still Not Right 12 Months After BA Surgery, What Are My Options?

Hi, I had my BA surgery 12 months ago. I had incisions made below my natural high creases ( I had tubular breasts). My surgeon said they 'would... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Surgery Gone Wrong?

I was diagnosed with tuberous breasts and had implants to 'correct' this, from a size 34aa to a 34c, under the muscle. They were done four... READ MORE

Small Revision for Implants And Droopy Tuberous Breast

I had silicone implants and some "scoring" my dr called it to fix tuberous breasts. My right nipple goes down and is not even with my left.... READ MORE

Are my Goals Possible? (photo)

I started with tuberous breasts and had them corrected years ago. However, my areola was not reduced and is now very large and low on the breast. I... READ MORE

Need Breast Revision + Lift Currently over + Saline 300cc Considering Silicone...drs Want to Go Under I'm Not Clear Why? (photo)

18yrs ago I had 1 side expanded then implants. I now have a leaking saline implant. Currently placed sub-mammary, tuberous breasts, asymmetry, likely... READ MORE

Will I Need Another Breast Procedure to Correct Tuberous Breast? (photo)

I am really unhappy with my breast augmentation. They appear MORE tuberous than they did originally - now my natural breast tissue just droops off the... READ MORE

I Want a Second Revision for my Tuberous Breast? (photo)

I had revision 8 months ago. My 400 implants were changed to 300 round submuscular ones. I'm not happy with the shape nor the left breast which seems... READ MORE

What Should I Do Next for Fixing Tuberous Breast with Breast Aug? (photo)

I had BA in 4/11 to fix tuberous breast. Within that time i've had 1 surgery to fix CC & 3 in office surgeries to fix the areola sizes. I just had... READ MORE

I think I have minor tuberous breasts. Will it get worse with bigger implants?

I very worry because I have a redo next week I currently have 350 hp mentor gel, i will have a redo with 650 hp. the shape of my breast is pointing... READ MORE

What would you do? Uneven and tuberous. No tuberous breast correction was done? I am 7 months post op. No kids, I'm 22. (Photo)

I am due a re op for my asymmetric 375cc high profile mentor implants under the muscle breasts after breast enlargement. Surgeon has agreed to a... READ MORE

What is the best option for revising breasts done 6 years ago that will give the best most lifted but natural results? (photo)

I've been walking around with boobs I'm still not really happy with for 6 years. I have 350 mentor silicone above the muscle high profile smooth... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with the results of my second surgery. Do I need a third breast augmentation? (Photo)

Result of my tuberose breast first ba 9 month ago with 430cc round under musclewas saggy larg breast at and left breast was larger .... Secend 2 days... READ MORE

So I'm 4 months post op and my surgeon has just admitted to me I had tuberous breast to begin with. (photos)

Had my surgeon told me I had tuberous breast before he operated I would have seemed advice from a tuberous breast specialist: he tells me these don't... READ MORE

Best and most natural feeling implant for tuberous breast?

I am not happy with the anatomical implant I had put it. I want to change it to a round implant. I feel the implant still makes my breasts look droopy... READ MORE

Augmentation revision options? Bottoming out and other issues (Photos)

BA in 2010: 575cc each, HP saline & placed through TT incision (bad decision in hindsight). Told pre-op by several doctors I have tuberous breasts... READ MORE

Should I replace both implants in tuberous breast implant revision? (photo)

October: my surgeon say he correct assymetry lowering the right path and reducing the areola,change my current implants(235cc)for round/anatomic... READ MORE

Mastopexy/implant replacement with tuberous breast, what profile would be best? (Photo)

Hello, I am preparing for a mastopexy with implant replacement this week. I was wondering if a moderate +, or HP implant would be best suited for me,... READ MORE

What will breasts look like if implants get replaced?

If you had tuberous breast deformity and u got tissue expanders and eventually got breast implants if u wanted to remove the breast implants and not... READ MORE

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