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Will my Incision Site Scars Be Much Worse After a Breast Implant Revision?

I had a breast augmentation about 2 months ago with 300cc salines and they are too big so I am planning on having a revision with 250 cc silicone. I... READ MORE

Breast Implant Change Under Local?

I am wanting to upsize my breast implants. I consulted one PS that said it would be very quick and simple to just swap them via transaxial since no... READ MORE

Am I Able To Have Breast Implant Revision Through The Armpit?

I have 400cc saline implants in both breasts. I am unhappy with the shape of my right breast and also wish to go bigger using a silicone implant this... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks Swapping Smooth Round Implants to Textured Teardrops?

I had a BA done in Dec 2009. Smooth, round 325cc silicone implants, placed under muscle, through armpit. Left did not drop to match right so April... READ MORE

Can Larger Implants Be Used in Revision Surgery Through Transaxillary Insertion

I had my breast augmentation 9 months ago and chose round, 375 cc high profile silicone implants under the muscle. I am now wanting to go a fair bit... READ MORE

Was Told by My Surgeon that a Second Armpit Incision to Replace Implants was not an Option, Is this True?

I am considering replacing my implants - done thru armpit incision - with slightly larger ones, but was told by my surgeon that a second armpit... READ MORE

Can I Have my Implants Fixed While I Still Produce Breast Milk?

I had a baby 19 months ago and got silicon breast implant via armpit a years ago and now i want to get my implants fixed due to uneven nipples, but... READ MORE

Does Anyone Perform Endoscopic Transaxillary Capsular Contracture Revision?

I had 325 silicone moderate profiles placed under the muscle via the armpit 1 year ago. I have capsular contracture and would like to avoid a revision... READ MORE

Can You Perform a Capsullorhaphy with Transax Incision?

I'm in need for a revision to go smaller. Looking for a surgeon who does capaullorhaphies also, can it be done transax? READ MORE

Can a Transauxillary Implant Exchange Be Done Using a Keller Funnel?

Have any of you done a saline 480cc implnat exchange through the armpit putting a 650cc silicone implant in using the keller funnel// Can this be done? READ MORE

Please Recommend Reputable Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Doctors in New York for a Revision.

I had transaxillary breast augmentation a month ago. came out very asymmetric. as swollen goes down, only show more and more one big one small, shape,... READ MORE

Will a revision cost more? (photos)

I had 475 mod plus under the muscle a few months ago through transaxillary but when I lay down they seem to go in my arm pits. My doctor doesn't think... READ MORE

Implants be fixed? Revision? Bottoming out & double bubble! Did wearing the band extra week force the left implant down? (pics)

Augmentation was done in Aug/11325 cc smooth round silicone implants placed behind the muscle, through the armpit32A before the surgery, droopy with... READ MORE

I want to go from 500cc to 350cc. 5'2, 30. Too big for my frame. Had BA surgery 8 months ago. Will they look saggy? (Photo)

5'2, 115lbs, 500cc HP, under muscle, transaxillary. FEEL TOP HEAVY. Good skin elasticity. Rather end up too small vs still too large. Thinking 350cc... READ MORE

Capsular contracture again ? (photos)

Hi, i'm 5"10, 150 lbs. I had, 6 months ago, my first BA with 420cc saline filled, moderate profile, transaxillary approach. I had mild capsular... READ MORE

Nexplanon birth control is safe to have in the arm during Breast Augmentation?

Hi I'm 2 months post op thinking of getting a breast revision to go bigger in 6 months. I'm thinking about getting the Nexplanon birth control implant... READ MORE

Experiencing asymmetry and window shading. May I have advice for correction? (photos)

Breasts are asymmetrical. Lower right breast is "window shading" and doctor is proposing to lower the higher breast to correct the asymmetry issue and... READ MORE

Can more saline be added if I have a transaxillary incision? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op. 5'9", 165lbs. Started as a 36A. I got 500cc mod+ saline unders. I know I still have some dropping and fluffing to do but think I... READ MORE

Silicone Implants and Transaxillary Incision? (Photo)

It appears to be quite difficult to find a surgeon who can place silicone implants via the Transaxillary incision approach. Why is this the case and... READ MORE

This is a follow up to my previous question: BA revision. Nipples sit low... (photo)

I had stated that my implants were inserted through an imframmary incision but that is not correct... I had the the terms mixed up and they were... READ MORE

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