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720cc Saline Implants: Are They Too Small? (Photo)

I am 5'2, 122 lbs and just had saline implants behind the muscle. They are a 650 implant filled to 720 each, why do I feel like they are so small? I... READ MORE

Revision: will a 300cc tear drop high profile give me a natural and fuller look? I have 240cc now but it feels small. (Photo)

I'm 32 , mother of 2 kids , 5 feet 95 pound, I recently had breast done two months ago 240 cc tear drop moderate profile , i was 32 aa before, now 32b... READ MORE

Why Do my 650cc Hp Gel Implants Look Small?

I had implants a year ago 425 overfilled to 475cc. i am three days post op with my second surgery and i chose 650cc high profile gels. why do they... READ MORE

Just Downsized Now They Look Like Tennis Balls? (photo)

I didn't realize until I downsized that I should have left mine alone. I went into first surgery unprepared so I thought I'd redo and choose a small... READ MORE

Very Unhappy After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had BA done in 2005, round silicone, low profile, below muscle, 260cc, but I was very unhappy with the size. See 1st photo. I had it re-done 3 wks... READ MORE

2nd BA and Still Not Feelings Big Enough? (photo)

So I went in for my 2nd BA on the 29th. I went from 425 under the muscle silicones, to 700hp silicones under. I am just feeling like I STILL haven't... READ MORE

Should I Have Breast Implant Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 10/9/12.When I went for my consult I told her that I was thinking 300cc implants.She thought that was too big. She told me... READ MORE

I currently have 400cc high profile. Would downsizing to 325 moderate plus make me look too small? (Photo)

My question "Is downsizing from 400 HIgh profile to 325 Moderate profile going to make me look too small? Will I still be a C cup? I am 5'3", weigh... READ MORE

Will my Breast Look Larger After Everything Has Settled?

I had implant revision and lift 2 days ago. I had 465 cc HP saline and very saggy breasts. I wore a 32 DDD bra before. They were replaced with 250 cc... READ MORE

Can You Get a Revision Breast Surgery if You Are Not Happy with the Size & Position of Nipples? (photo)

Hi guys, I had a breast enlargement 5 weeks ago today and I am becoming more & more unhappy with them as they are continuing to drop & fluff.... READ MORE

Would 800cc+ be too big for my frame? (photos)

Hello, I have asked a few questions on this site in the past, and was hoping over the passing months I would feel happier with my boobs. Unfortunately... READ MORE

Should I Discuss a Possible Size Revision with my Surgeon and is It Fair to Have to Pay Again for What Was Already Requested?

It has been 2 months after my breast augmentation. I've had a great and very quick recovery, not to mention a great surgeon. Lately I am feeling VERY... READ MORE

Still Too Small AFTER Surgery What Do I Do???

Im very unhappy I went in as barely an A cup and now basically a full A/B I didnt want that for the insane ammount this cost I am completely anxiety... READ MORE

BA Revision 250 > 175CC Over, Now Too Small, What Are my Options? (Allergan Moderate Profile, Overs)

I am 5ft 2, 117 lbs with a rib measurement of 29 inches . My implants were almost 15 years old decided to replace them & be a less obvious. Whilst... READ MORE

Is it possible to change my implants to bigger implants? (photo)

Can I change my 14 year old implants that are 350cc high profile over muscle to 550cc? I have had 2 children since and have some excess skin to fill I... READ MORE

Not Much Noticeable Size Difference with BA Revision?

Hi - I got my breast implants replaced a week ago (12/6) and so far, I'm not super happy with the size. The shape is fantastic. My old implants were 8... READ MORE

Implant Revision Too Small? (photo)

Had my 16yr 36b/c cup implants replaced by my surgeon 3 days ago.We went with hp for upper pole.I took my 2 bras to show him what i wanted.He said he... READ MORE

Can you get 800cc silicone implants to replace 1st breast aug? My 600cc seem small.

Can u get 800cc silicone breast implants 1st time n will they b large r do i have to stretch out skin 1st to get ultimate results READ MORE

Should I Do Breast Implant Revision?

About 11 months ago I got a breast augmentation of 350cc. Which I'm not satisfied I wanted 480cc but my doctor recommended smaller because of stretch... READ MORE

Is it easier to go bigger after already having implants? When will an internal bra be needed?

I currently have 325cc unhappy with size wanting to go 550cc- 600cc. is it easier to go bigger after already having implants. At what size is an... READ MORE

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