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Can SERI SILK SCAFFOLDING be released after repair if its too tight? It's holding my implant too high (Photo)

SERI SILK SCAFFOLDING was used to support my Left Breast bottoming out. I had previous capsulorraphy fail and now its very firm feels much harder and... READ MORE

Change my implant from submuscular to subglandular? It is good idea? subglandular can avoid lift in a litter ptosis?

BA 6 month ago unhappy 460c under the muscle , high profile , gel silicon 32 B to 32 D high 5.2 weight 110 snoopy deformity the implant to high and... READ MORE

5 weeks post op pocket revision surgery as implants were too high. Dual plane. Is it too early to see results? (Photo)

I am 5weeks post op revision surgery. I have been using a band to try and help drop n fluff. Does this actually help?. Is it to early to see results?... READ MORE

Revision 2 weeks ago because the implant didn't drop. When should it drop? (Photo)

I just had a revision 2 weeks and 4 days ago because my right breast didnt drop but after the surgery i still see the implant high help Im frustrated... READ MORE

TUBA pocket problem or something else? (Photo)

I got 380 cc TUBA two years ago and my right breast is too high, my new ps says its a pocket not being even because of the TUBA procedure. I'm getting... READ MORE

Implants settled too low, nipples too high? (photos)

Surgery July 2015, 340cc cohesive gel, under the muscle, crease incision. Everything was perfectly normal until around Dec 2015 when I noticed my... READ MORE

Downsizing from 400 HP Mentor Silicone to 325 Mod Plus Mentor Silicone. Will my nipple placement be too high? (Photo)

I am downsizing from 400 HP to 325 Mod Plus and wondering will my nipple placement be too high? READ MORE

3 weeks post op, are my implants too high? (photo)

Back in 2006 I had my first BA. I had Silimed HP 335cc under the muscle. I was AA or so (no breast tissue at all). 3 weeks ago I had my revision,... READ MORE

Recent breast augmentation - nipple too high (Photo)

8 months ago I had my second breast augmentation and went with 800cc silicone high profile implants. I feel like both breast sit pretty low on my rib... READ MORE

How can my breasts be repaired and why did this happen? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation revision with 18 year old saline implants replaced with silicone ultra high profile textured implants., as per... READ MORE

Do I have to use the same doctor to fix my breasts if I don't trust them? (photos)

I had breast augmentation (took old ones out and put new ones in) and a lift 4 months ago. I know that it hasn't been 6 months yet, but I knew right... READ MORE

Botched revision, lopsided, uneven and placed too high with 6cm projection (teardrop 370mx). I hate them - what do I do? (Photo)

I had revision on my breast implants which dr said he would lower my pockets as they were placed a tad high and he would choose an implant 1cm shorter... READ MORE

How Can a Capsular Contracture Come on Only 3 and Half Weeks After Surgery? (Photo)

Hello well I'm quite disappointed I had a full capsulectomy done on my left breast on may 24th do too a grade 4 contracture! it is already coming back... READ MORE

PO 6 Months, Implant Too High, How to Consult Doc? (photo)

I had a BA 6 months ago, with Full TT. The right implant seems too high. I love how the left looks, but it is obvious the right one has some issues.... READ MORE

Negative Breast Lift/Reduction Experience - What can be done? (photos)

7 months post UBL, no upper pole fullness, nipples too high, horizontal scars not in the infra mammary fold. I removed implants, asked for a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Implants 6 months post op Bottom Out and Lateral Displacement?

I feel like my breasts are too far apart & are too bottom heavy with nipples too high up with scars in fold now riding up. Am I bottoming out with... READ MORE

How do you avoid nipple placement being too high?

I had implants & a Benelli lift but now hate the widened scars and permanent suture. I wish to undergo a revision at some point but worry that my... READ MORE

245cc submuscular anatomical revision from 17 years of 270cc round hydrogel subglandular: one week, too projected & high (Photo)

5'10"54kilo, 40 yrs old.Unhappy with 270cc. Smaller look after 17yrs, but in last yr rippling increasingly palpable.Opted for anatomical mentor for... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision 4 months ago, from 340cc textured subfascial to 500cc, textured, submuscular - sitting too high? (photo)

I had breast revision surgery almost 4 months ago from 340cc textured subfascial to 500cc, textured, submuscular. Both breasts are still sitting very... READ MORE

Breast implant not 100% behind the breast? Tissue still hanging off implant after revision. How can they be improved? (Photo)

Had a massive seroma on left side after 12 years of 1000cc implants with no problems at all. I had ultrasound guided breast aspiration twice - no... READ MORE

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