Tissue + Breast Implant Revision

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Do Textured Breast Implants Cause Tissue Loss During Removal?

I currently have the Inamed 410 form stable implants - 280 grams. I am having them replaced in March 2009 with 200cc Mentor Round Moderate Profile... READ MORE

Implant Replacement - Will I Lose Breast Tissues?

Hello doctors, I am planning on a revision and put in a new implant instead of using the existing one. I had gone through implant removal before... READ MORE

How Many Time is Needed for the Tissue to Heal and to Be Ready for New Augmentation?

Hi,sorry for my bad English.My 2nd surgeon wants to remove my implants for 6 months,because I have too many complications and he recomends me that my... READ MORE

How can support devices for Breast Revision be attached to already weak tissue?

I read that the devices for breast support such as Seri-Scaffold, ADM, and others are to help support weak tissue, how then can the device be attached... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a donut breast lift with areola reduction and smaller implants on my breasts? (photo)

Hi, First after my augmentation (900cc each) they looked great, but now my natural breasts (34DD before surgery) dropped down (also one sits higher).... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Breast Implant Revision w/ allomax. I have red rash & irregular tissue border. Could allomax have caused this?

Could the allomax have caused this? what is red rash? Was it from inflammation caused by allomax? Why did my implant rise? Had previous cc but tissues... READ MORE

Pathology tissue test after Breast revision

My PS said, to replace my saline implant with a new silicon gel. He will need to send my breast tissue out to UCLA pathology for cancer test. He said... READ MORE

Multiple BAs, right breast deformed thin skin and lack of tissue. Breasts done 16years ago. Can Strattice help revision? (Photo)

I have had 4 breast augmentations with the first happening 20 years ago, I completely ruined my breast shortly thereafter with the third augs incision... READ MORE

Implant exchange concerns. Is the upgrade worth the future issues with larger implants? (photos)

Went "too natural" first augmentation. I'm 33 y/o, 5'2" 112lbs and got Mentor 375 mod+ silicone unders. My issue is that I'm flat in the cleavage... READ MORE

What are my options for revision surgery? (photos)

30 yo, no kids very active. 10 wks post op. Implants have stopped dropping and are sitting very high. They are sitting above my actual breast tissue,... READ MORE

Fluid around silicone implant. How should I interpret different results of MRI?

Just recently had silicone implants changed out because of a misread MRI stating a rupture. The implants were actually intact and I had a tissue mass... READ MORE

Imaging studies before breast implant revision for scar tissue.

Hi Drs, As there's an increased possibility that scar tissue can greatly affect the outcome of subsequent breast revisions, shouldn't imaging studies... READ MORE

Am I able to have implants removed and possible periaereolar uplift/ maybe have smaller implants? (photos)

I would like to know if my 8 year old breast implants can be removed, have a periaereolar uplift to remove some of the extra skin tissue so I am able... READ MORE

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