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What Can I Expect From Capsulectomy Recovery?

Scheduled capsulectomy/right fold lowering on 10-13.I will have a drain put in & expect to have it in for min. 5 days.what can i expect to feel... READ MORE

How much time would be needed off work for implant exchange/upgrade and scar revision?

I had a breast lift and augmentation a year ago, (250 cc mod +). I am currently a 34DD and would like to close the gap between my breasts, and revise... READ MORE

Went Back to Work 1 Week After Capsulopexy and Felt a Ripping by Ribs, Did my Surgeon Send me to Work too Soon?

I had capsulopexy surgery in 2008 and my PS sent me back to work in a week knowing I told him numerous times I continously lift 50-100+ . A week after... READ MORE

What would be the average recovery time for a standard breast implant replacement, using the same size and type of implants?

My specific question relates to the fact that I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and need to know how long I would be out of work if I have this... READ MORE

Second breast augmentation, when can I return to work?

How soon would I be able to return to work? I am a hair stylist. Getting my second breast augmentation on aug 5th. Going from unders 350cc saline to... READ MORE

Breast implants and heavy lifting - how long will I need to recover before going back to work?

Hello, Im planning to get a second breast implants surgery, my previous one was 7 years ago. I currently work as a flight attendant and Im requiered... READ MORE

18 days post op, I have pain after revision augmentation. Is this normal? (photo)

I am 18 days post op saline 240cc text. subglandular replaced with sientra 450 classic shape anatomical unders. I have had a tummy tuck. So I feel... READ MORE

Surgery cancellations. Overbooked. Surgery Times. Paid in full. Date confirmed. Gave my date away. Revision. What can I do?

At my 3 month post op was told I would need a revision. I paid all fees and confirmed my date & week later I receive a call from my dr office saying... READ MORE

How much time needed to be off for Breast Implant Revision with Strattice?

Capsular contracture in right beast. Bilateral revision replacement from gel 500cc to gel 700cc with strattice placed in right breast READ MORE

I'm having a breast lift and silicone implants under the muscle. How long will my surgery be and how long will I be off work?

I currently have 900ccs above the muscle, Im thinking 400ccs-425ccs silicone gel to be put under the muscle. how long would my surgery be and my... READ MORE

I deal cards for a living and wondering how long I should wait until going back to work?

I currently have breast implants but want a fuller size so I heard the recovery for second procedure is half the time but would going back to work 5... READ MORE

Breast lift and second breast augmentation. Any suggestions?

I'm a dental hygienist and wondering how much time off of work is recommended. My plastic surgeon is in a different state so I will have to fly. I... READ MORE

Is a breast lift or a fat transfer best for me?How bad is the lift scar for light skinned ladies?Use makeup 2 cover scar?(photo)

I have sad saline implants in.It looks like I have a double bubble or the bag is out of the pocket. I cant afford to take 6 months of of work for my... READ MORE

I'm a Zumba instructor with 36d saline, scheduled for lift & replacement of under muscle. When can I return to class? (Photo)

12 yr old saline implants in excellent health getting a graph lift with new saline implants same size READ MORE

Need pocket revision, left implant ruptured and recovery from implant exchange?

I had silicone implant surgery 11 yrs ago. I recently found out my left implant ruptured and will need a pocket revision. I work as a crisis counselor... READ MORE

Post revision needs?

Hello I am about to go in for a revision surgery for bottomed out implants. It has been awhile since my last and I was wondering what to expect for... READ MORE

Should I have another revision? Worried that they are bottoming out again. (photos)

My first picture is after my lift, my second is after I got implants and they bottomed out, and my third is me currently 4 months after my... READ MORE

Is the recovery time quicker for breast implant replacement?

Hi. I have found out that after 11 years one of my implants has reputured. It's is 5cm and still in the pocket, hasn't leaked into my body as yet. Is... READ MORE

How long after breast implant revision surgery can I plan to return to work as a cleaning lady?

I had a silicone implant (placed over the muscle) rupture recently. So far, leak is intracapsular, does not look like I currently have much scar... READ MORE

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