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Breast lift and implants with thin skin: how big should i go? (photo)

My doctor overly tightened my L breast (it was the smaller, but he thought it was larger, b/c my R breast's implant was deflated), & he put in too... READ MORE

What Kind of Breast Augmentation Revision Procedure Would You Recommend in my Situation? (photo)

Saline,'05. Rt B deflated & Silicone gel replacements, '08. Doc went larger (DD-ugh!), w/ circumareolar lift. Said my Lft B had scarring that he... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Get a Larger Silicone Breast Implant over Time?

I had implants put in last year and was disappointed with the results. I'd been told I'd look "blessed" but ended up being a... READ MORE

Bottomed out with 375 Salines Would Going 100cc's Larger Make a Diiference And More Revisions if Im Diagnosed with Thin Skin?

Small B Placed 375/380cc Mod+ Salines & couple months was diagnosed with Bottoming out of both implants, was told to come for a revision along... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Alloderm for my Revision? (photo)

I am 2 years post-op, seeking a breast augmentation revision. My current implants are 475cc, high profile saline, sub-muscular. I have consulted with... READ MORE

Can a Breast Implant Revision Help with Odd Looking Shape and Implant Drop if I Have Thin Skin? (photo)

I have 440cc in each (1999), cohesive gel, submuscular breast implants. I went for a consultation about four years ago and would like another opinion... READ MORE

Any suggestions on holes in breast, uneven nipple, and weird ridges? (Photo)

I had redo 4 months ago. The doctor did internal bra. I feel like they are so tight and painful. I had synmastia and thin skin with low body fat. Now... READ MORE

Best Revision Option for Aesthically Pleasing, Symmetrical & Lasting Results After a Grade 4 Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I'm 33 & had my augmentation at 21 (5 years after pregnancy & breast feeding) & am seeking a revision due to a grade 4 capsule in my left... READ MORE

Can I Get a Better Result with a Revision?

I am a very thin mother and I have thin skin and visible ribcage. In May I hac BA with Natrelle implants 360MM placed subglandularly. Breast widths 12... READ MORE

Bigger Implants For Thin Skin?

My skin is very thin, i currently have 350cc and 1 has dropped and i can feel the implant. i want to go bigger 535cc, should i be very worried about... READ MORE

I had 3rd Breast Augmentation. I am opted for a staged revision. Is ADM a good idea?

My first breast aug was 9 years ago, 2 years later I had capsular contracture on the right breast & the same doctor removed both & replaced the... READ MORE

Can capsulorrhaphy on a pt with very thin skin be done successfully without the use of alloderm? (photos)

I had revision surgery X2 to correct cap cont/deformity. My ps informed me that I have very thin skin and that alloderm should be used in future surg.... READ MORE

Any new solutions for rippling implants ?

I am skinny . Very thin skin . 107lb 5 4" . I have aready had 3 breast surgeries ( none under the muscle) , all silicone . It just gets worse . Ahould... READ MORE

In-between breasts gap, skinny patient, thin skin. What should I do?

I had very little breast tissue and fat prior to breast augm. Even though my breasts look quite good my biggest problem is the fact that between the... READ MORE

Part II of question on Capsulorraphy, capsulectomy, capsulotomy repair without use of alloderm. (Photo)

"The use of alloderm has increased risk of seroma form and infec, & the need to use drains for a prolonged period of time. Alloderm is required to... READ MORE

What is the best implant for someone with thin skin and very little breast tissue?

I did a revision from saline hp to sientra round hp 355 cc implants 10 days ago. I was hoping switching to silicone would get rid of the rippling I... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my breast and is the surgeon at fault? (photos)

Before Surgery I had tubelar breast. I had a breast augmentation and lift with saline implants 390cc under the muscle last April 6, 2016. By the 3rd... READ MORE

12 years post op BA. Had 300 cc in, now want 400 cc. Should they fit?

Had breast August 12 years ago , from 34aa, had 300 cc under silicone , but having a re Aug in 2 weeks and want 400 cc in but she can't say if they... READ MORE

Is this the best my augmentation will ever get? Does this look like double bubble? (photos)

1st BA Apr 2015. Was told I flipped an implant. 2nd BA 4 weeks ago. With hopes of just flipping silicone implant back I still consented for both... READ MORE

Animation deformity options? (Photo)

I am 4 mos. post BA revision from subglandular to submuscular due to rippling and asymmetry. I have very thin skin so this placement was preferred. I... READ MORE

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