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What Implants Should I Choose to Replace my Teardrop Implants?

I had my first breast augmentation surgery in 2003. I was an A cup before the surgery. I am 5'7", thin build. I wanted to go with a more... READ MORE

Do Textured Breast Implants Cause Tissue Loss During Removal?

I currently have the Inamed 410 form stable implants - 280 grams. I am having them replaced in March 2009 with 200cc Mentor Round Moderate Profile... READ MORE

Textured Breast Implants Best Choice After Capsular Contracture?

I had breast augmentation with cohesive silicon (smooth) over the muscle December 2008. My original plastic surgeon stated that I do have capsular... READ MORE

Smooth or Textured Implants for Someone with Muscle Flex Deformity? (photo)

I have problems with double bubble and muscle flex deformity that have not improved despite corrective surgery. After a second opinion from another... READ MORE

Tear-drop Implant Keeps Flipping Sideways?

After preventative mastecomies and DIEP reconstruction, one side failed and I now have an implant there. This tear-drop coehisve gel implant keeps... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks Swapping Smooth Round Implants to Textured Teardrops?

I had a BA done in Dec 2009. Smooth, round 325cc silicone implants, placed under muscle, through armpit. Left did not drop to match right so April... READ MORE

Changing from Unders to Overs, Mods to Mod Plus, Saline to Silicone...

I got my implants in Nov, pre BA:34B, 5'6, 122 lbs, slight sag, few stretch marks, goal: fill in loose skin, round perky look without bra. Now:... READ MORE

Can I Remove Textured Implants and Very Hard Breasts After 4 Months? (photo)

I have 500 cc under the muscle silimeds textured implants.. its been 4 months and they are very hard.. i didnt have much breast tissue.. i was a c cup... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision- Overs to Unders for Rippling? (photo)

Two years ago I had 410cc textured High Profile, silicone cohesive gels placed over the muscle. It took me from a 34b to 34D.I was told I needed to go... READ MORE

Far Apart Implants - Should I Ask for a Revision?

I have textured submuscular implants. 3 months post op and altho they have healed well. I find that they dont move. I find that I cannot push them... READ MORE

Wanting to Change from 450 HP to Larger CC but Mod Plus? (photo)

I currently have 450HP textured silicone implants. I have a BWD of 14. I really prefer a bit more of a slope and a touch more lower pole. With a wide... READ MORE

Will 450cc- 475cc textured round high profile silicone under the muscle help me to achieve the look I want? (photos)

Currently 350cc high profile smooth round silicone under muscle. Surgery 4 years ago. 5 ft 5 126 pounds. Rib cage 28 in Base 13 cm & 13.4 cm. 40 yrs... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision for This? (photo)

After children and breastfeeding I decided to have a breast augmentation thirteen months ago. I had 230 cc silicon, high profile, textured implants... READ MORE

Bottomed out with textured implants? (Photo)

445cc-495cc mentor memory shape implants, textured anatomical cohesive gel silicone submuscular. 6 mos post op. I bottomed out with textured but i... READ MORE

I have 240cc subglandular silicone bilateral implants. Which type of implant should I replace them with? (Photo)

During the consultation, the doctor suggested to me: Mentor 455 cc or Silimed 430 cc silicone textured, round, ultra high profile, in subglandular... READ MORE

I've had implants but are left not satisfied with the result. What needs to be done to achieve smaller, perkier breasts? (photo)

Hello, in September last year I had implants in England, as I had being deflated and left with a lot of excess skin from having children. I am very... READ MORE

Can I Avoid a Donut Lift if I Get Bigger Implants? (photo)

Original saline, smooth 300cc on L breast,400 on R breast.Mild symmastia and capsular con. on R breast.2nd surgery 350cc textured on R.Symmastia was... READ MORE

Follow up. Have I got the wrong implant? (Photo)

Yes on top of muscle. Athletic girl couldn't do under. Anatomical hp tear gel. Had saline before but very little rippling unnoticeable. Tears are the... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation/Capsular Contracture?

I’ve had 2 augmentations so far, both resulting in CC. My surgeon wants to try textured Silicone implants. He thinks I should give this a 3rd try. I... READ MORE

Textured implants over muscle or Alloderm silicone implants to prevent capsular contracture? Which is best? (Photo)

Textured implants over the muscle or Alloderm with silicone implants to prevent a 4th capsular contracture? Torn with decision on what would be best.... READ MORE

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