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Am I Showing Signs of Recurring Symmastia? 5'4 135lbs Originally 32AA. (photo)

I had my first BA in 2012 & showed signs of symmastia immediately aftr surgery.My first BA I recieved Moderate 525cc of sailine. I sought out... READ MORE

Can tenting be repaired with a smaller implant? Allergan 420cc/under muscle/mod profile/14cm base diameter. 3 months post-op.

There has been tenting since day 1 post-op. Wore thong bra since week 3. All bras cause tenting to be worse. Surgeon says that the muscle is not... READ MORE

Is this Symmastia or tenting? (Photo)

I had a re-augmentation with capsulorrhaphy for lateral displacement and bottoming out 10 days ago. My right breast has a flat side in the cleavage... READ MORE

Difference Between Mentors Maximum Filled High Profile Saline Implants & High Profile Memory Gel Implants?

I am pending a revision due to bottoming out & tenting. I need to replace my implants as they are too wide for my frame. Currently I have 425CC... READ MORE

7 days preop am I tenting? Is gap too small?

I am 7 days post op. This was my 2nd BA I started out with 475 cc, had a pocket issue so went in for a revision and also upgraded to 700 cc hp. I am... READ MORE

Skin Tenting/ possible symmastia. Will thong bra help or need revision? Will I develop symmastia? (photos)

Nearly 6 weeks post op. I have Revision Breast aug due to ruptured PIP implant. From 315cc HP to 500cc Mentor Moderate Plus round smooth implant.... READ MORE

Skin tenting repair, breast implants too wide for frame.

I just had surgery to fix tenting almost had symmstia. Ps said not symmstia. He recommended neosubpectoral pocket and moved off midline. I also... READ MORE

Sunken incision, tenting and asymmetry. (Photo)

BA revision 6 weeks ago. From 315 PIP to 500cc Mentor Smooth Silicone Round under the muscles. Surgeon is not a fan of using diff sizes for each... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to have a lift with preservation of 8 year old implants because my breasts sag & I have tenting? (Photo)

My PS recommends I don't go much smaller with my implants but I feel they are too heavy and I have a lot of natural tissue now as I'm 22 months post... READ MORE

Is this fixable? Symmastia/tenting, double bubble etc. What can I expect? Who is the best surgeon for the job? (Photo)

I am so sad about my breasts! I have tenting or a mild symmastia, maybe a capsular contracture on my right breast (the sad looking one), double... READ MORE

Galaflex used in my symmastia repair, skin is still tenting bottom of cleavage

Can you tell me what galaflex actually is and what part it is supposed to play in my repair. Plastic surgeon did not add sutures along cleavage or... READ MORE

Is this a form of symmastia? The only way to get a gap is to wear thong bra or tape cleavage apart (Photo)

11 months ago I had revision from over to unders. My left implant moves across the sternum. The skin is loose and "tents" or raises off my chest. The... READ MORE

What is happening to my breast augmentation? (Photo)

I had breast augmentation performed 1 year ago. They were silicone implants placed subfacial. A few days after surgery I realized that my skin was... READ MORE

After revision, to correct muscle contraction deformity, left w/ rippling and unnatural cleavage or tenting. What now? (Photo)

First surgery 510cc, round, smooth, silicon, under muscle. When I flexed or waived, implant would shift into armpits, more so on left side. After... READ MORE

I lost my cleavage after revision?! I'm tenting quite a bit 6 weeks post - is this going to go away? (photos)

I went through a BA revision almost 6 weeks ago to fix nipple misalignment, double-bubble, and wide cleavage. I went from 425cc to 500cc, both sides,... READ MORE

Subglandular symmastia! Will there still be tenting between my breasts even if it is fully fixed? (Photo)

3 years ago I developed symmastia with 300cc overs. 1 year later I explanted, with my breast bouncing back to pre-op (although skin in between... READ MORE

Why Am I Tenting? Should I have Another Revision? (photos)

2 months post op from revision surgery. Went in to centralize my nipples, fix double bubble, and get more cleavage. I still have the double bubble...... READ MORE

Do I need a BA revision?

I'm just over 2 months out of surgery. I went from a B to D cup, 325cc Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline implants filled to R400cc/L375cc under the... READ MORE

What revision do I need for a more natural look and to correct asymmetry. (Photos)

I am having revision surgery as i feel they look fake (275cc moderate profile) Preop: A/B cup with slight nipple assymetry, I now feel they appear... READ MORE

Tenting 10 months S/P BAM. Can I get it fixed and are there larger implant with smaller width of base? (photo)

Had a BAM 10/2016, MD questioned the width of implant after he recommended it to me but remeasured and said it will work. I know I dont have symmastia... READ MORE

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