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Why is my Right Implant Riding So EXTREMELY High 4 Weeks Post Op for Revision? Hoping to Not Have to Do Another Revision (photo)

Original surgery was in 4/2012 with full lift and 550cc saline implant under the muscle.6 months in had to remove right implant completely for severe... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement or Fat Transfer After Unhappy with Results of Implant Replacement? (photo)

My PIP 270 implants were replaced (+ capsulectomies) with 310 natrelle moderate silicone responsive & ive been left with an undesirable breast... READ MORE

Replace Implants with Smaller Implants?

The PS chose a range of 300cc-400cc for my 32A frame. Regretfully I chose 450cc. Although only into week two I know I want a redo; however, I noticed... READ MORE

Seroma vs. Hematoma and Reopening incision?

I am 8 days postoperative of bi-lateral reaugmentation. Last few days the left breast became tender & larger in size. At apt ps noticed & sent me for... READ MORE

8 months post op, I have pain after wearing underwire bra. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm just over 8 months post op. I had revision from 340cc overs to 500cc unders. When i wear any undwire bra, i get an uncomfortable pain and... READ MORE

Sharp Pain and Hard Little Knot in Scar from Incision ?

Had to have my breast augmentation re-done after 3 years due to deflation. The suture came out of my incision about a week after my second surgery. I... READ MORE

Small swollen (new) lump, 10 Days Post revision with lift (no visible bruising)- very tender to touch

Since this am, left breast has a tender spot (small hardness that feels a little like a small swollen lump) on the top of the breast (so nowhere near... READ MORE

Is this as good as it gets? Replaced Saline L570 R600. With Mentor Smooth Rnd Mod Plus L575 R600. (photos)

I am 1.5 weeks post op. My R breast feels normal with the exception of the incision site which is still tender. There seems to be no evidence of any... READ MORE

Do I have a hematoma or seroma? Does it need to be drained? (photos)

I had brst revision surgery w/ a lift replacing 20yr old implants. L implant was completely dissolved. Surgery was 4 weeks ago today. After a massive... READ MORE

12 Year Old Implants Acting Up I Think Due to Weight Gain?

I had a full lift and silicone implants in 1990 and then had them re-done on advice no cause again in 2004 now I just gained 45 lbs. 6 months ago,... READ MORE

Do I need revision surgery again? (Photo)

I have now had 3 surgeries. BA, then a mini lift, then a full lift. $20k later and still not happy. I have a tender right breast for 3wks Ultrasound... READ MORE

Is it ok to have on implant slide towards my armpit while lying on my back?

I have had my implants for 8 yrs now and my right implant while lying on my back always has fell to the side. Lately though it seems to be getting... READ MORE

One week PO. Fear of infection. Please help! (photos)

I am one week post op after breast revision stats are 5500cc above muscle HP, under the breast incision. The last two days I have had tenderness in my... READ MORE

Is it possible to develop a second capsular contracture 5 weeks after breast augmentation revision? (photos)

Pictures are before, after capsular contracture with first BA and the last picture is current I had a revision with complete capsulectomy, Alloderm... READ MORE

Bleeding in 8th day after breast implant replacement. (photo)

I had implant replacement on 12/06/16 This morning I started to bleed a bit and bleeding has been increasing throuhg the day, also my breast feels... READ MORE

It has been 4 months since I had my breast implants. Still numb and tender on my right one. Under muscle, silicone 475cc

My 1st surgery I got saline, 325cc, under muscle. Well the right popped, so I went back and got silicone under muscle 475cc feel like natural breasts,... READ MORE

My incision is concerning me! (Photos)

I am 3 months post op from my revision. My surgeon used internal stitches to raise my pocket. And the incision has been perfectly placed in my crease... READ MORE

Possible ripped internal sutures and worsening pain. Any suggestions?

I am 6.5 mos p.o. my orignal BA. 2.5 weeks ago I had a revision to my R breast to tack the implant back up and remove some of the stretched skin.... READ MORE

Please help! Change of implants 380 to 500cc Hp under the muscle. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was told to take the dressings off today and cut the end of the stitches, I had the procedure in Belgium, Im having more pain and tenderness in the... READ MORE

Niggling concern - on and off pain and tenderness for 5 months post op - in top left breast

History: No pain prior to two surgeries Feb. 19th and May 8th. Have asked nurses about this 2xs (1 wk. & 1 mo. PO mastoplexy) and asked my Dr. (1 mo)... READ MORE

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