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What's Involved in Replacing Old Implants with Bigger, New Ones?

What are the procedures involving the removal of old implants with capsule contracture and getting bigger implants? Can it be done in one session?... READ MORE

Standard Practice to Remove the Capsule for Capsular Contracture During Revision Surgery?

I've had a 2nd opinion that at least 1 of my implants is CC'ing. I'm due for rev. sx for a lift & was told the capsules need to come... READ MORE

Compound Problems After Breast Augmentation. Advise Please. (photo)

450cc gel implants placed under the muscle 10 weeks ago. Originally, I expressed concern that my left implant was too high, and my PS graciously... READ MORE

During Explant Surgery, How is the Extracapsular Rupture Treated and is All the Leaked Silicone Able to Be Removed?

After an MRI it was discovered that my 12 year old silicone implants were ruptured. I have both intra and extracapsular leakage. I am scheduled to... READ MORE

How Do Plastic Surgeons Make the Pockets Even on Both Breasts?

I had a revision where the surgeon had to bring the inframmary fold up to a better Position. I am 6 months post. I am being told by other surgeons... READ MORE

Please Help With Lift/Revision Sizing Question? (photo)

I am 5"5, 115, 34DD to 32DDD, with a BWD of 13. I'm getting Natrelle 410 implants, & I currently have McGhan 10's, at 14.8 cm and 480 cc's. My... READ MORE

Having BA Revision With Lift, Is There a Way to Tighten the Bottom Without the Vertical Scar? (photo)

Opinions re: the TYPE of lift recommended? I have large HP implants bottomed out about year ago, the skin BELOW my areola is stretched at least 1-2... READ MORE

Graduating From a Donut to Full Lift- Which Pedicle Technique (Wise Pattern) To Avoid Nipple Necrosis?

I am looking to obtain a full lift & downsize to smaller implants. To be clear, I do not smoke and attempt to avoid all secondhand smoke to the... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Doctors Who Perform Breast Revision Surgeries Using EPTFE?

I had very uneven breasts. My small side was a large A cup and the large side a C cup. I had an implant on the small side and a lift on the large side... READ MORE

What Kind of Lift is Needed? Vertical or Periareolar with Slightly Larger Implants

This will be the 3rd revision. Currently have 304cc silicone under muscle. Changing implant size to 375. What would be the best lift? READ MORE

Right Implant Sits Significantly Higher, How Many cc's Do You Recommend For My Revision? (photo)

My first breast augmentation was on 10/31/11. Submuscular, saline implants, 380cc, aerolar incision. My right implant sits significantly higher. When... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange with Fibroadenoma, What's The Best Way?

I have breast implants 230cc. I been diagnosed with fibroadenomas after breast implants.Now is 2 years and they still the same I decided to remove... READ MORE

3yrs Ago I Had Implants and an Uplift with 260 Cc. Now They're Sagging- Which Technique?

My breasts are sagging and i have been given the option or tightening the skin and moving the nipple or moving my implants infront of the muscle? READ MORE

Will Fat Injections Give my Breast More Volume at the Top As Since I Had Implants They Look Bottom Heavy?

I have 450cc implants 3 years ago and I am not happy with the result. They hand wide apart and are very bottom heavy. A surgeon had advised me the... READ MORE

What Surgery Techniques Can I Expect For Revision Switching to Smaller Implants?

I had a breast augmentation on Dec 2011. I am 5'2" 110 lbs. I have silicone 375cc moderate profile under muscles. I had discussion with my Dr... READ MORE

Can You Perform a Capsullorhaphy with Transax Incision?

I'm in need for a revision to go smaller. Looking for a surgeon who does capaullorhaphies also, can it be done transax? READ MORE

Massaging Saline Implant! Is It Only Moving the Implants Around or Squeezing Too?

Hi I'm 26 5'2 113 pounds. Had my first B.A 500 cc silicone on 3/9/12 last year in Mexico he also did a lift .I have one baby. Had my second surgery on... READ MORE

Is It Better to Use the Same Doctor for a Redo? Are Techniques Similar Internationally?

I had a breast augmentation in Bangkok and although very happy with the results, feel I went too small (325cc). Would like to go bigger in future, but... READ MORE

Need a BA Revsion After PS Mistake. Do I Need a Lift? (photo)

After having my old implants replace,my PS put uhp in my perky breast & hp in my droopy left.He was supposed to give me bigger implants to take me... READ MORE

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