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What Implants Should I Choose to Replace my Teardrop Implants?

I had my first breast augmentation surgery in 2003. I was an A cup before the surgery. I am 5'7", thin build. I wanted to go with a more... READ MORE

Breast augmentation advice feel sagging and heavy after 7 weeks

Hi I had breast augmentation done. I had teardrop shaped implants removed which were 280g right breast and 335g left breast.  I had them removed... READ MORE

Revision: will a 300cc tear drop high profile give me a natural and fuller look? I have 240cc now but it feels small. (Photo)

I'm 32 , mother of 2 kids , 5 feet 95 pound, I recently had breast done two months ago 240 cc tear drop moderate profile , i was 32 aa before, now 32b... READ MORE

Silicone cc's vs Saline cc's.. are they equal?

I was curious. I went from 270 cc's (saline) to 450 (silicone) and I am pretty much available to wear the same bra, presurgery.. is this normal? I... READ MORE

Tear-drop Implant Keeps Flipping Sideways?

After preventative mastecomies and DIEP reconstruction, one side failed and I now have an implant there. This tear-drop coehisve gel implant keeps... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks Swapping Smooth Round Implants to Textured Teardrops?

I had a BA done in Dec 2009. Smooth, round 325cc silicone implants, placed under muscle, through armpit. Left did not drop to match right so April... READ MORE

Cheap Breast Augmentation Revision Due to Capsular Contracture Columbus Ohio? (photo)

I had a breast Augmentation in 2004, I have had SEVERE and painful Capsular Contracture. I have frequent chest pain on my right side, you can see... READ MORE

Why Have My Breast Implants Have Never Dropped (375 Right 350 Left)?

It has been 16 months. I have considered mastopexy and/or the new 5th generation implants in tear drop form. Maybe going up two sizes. I would like to... READ MORE

I am interested in a revision for more natural looking results, are my expectations reasonable? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation about 1.5 years ago. I am unhappy with the upper pole fullness, their firmness, and highness. I have 450 cc hp silicone... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision - Revise with Teardrops or Will Capsule Eventually Mature and Even out to Match the Other Breast?

Dec, 2009 I got 325cc, silicone, smooth, round implants, through armpit, under muscle. Dec 2010 the nipple on left breast started to point downwards... READ MORE

Are my nipples too low or implants too high?

I had an implant exchange 4 months ago. I went from round saline overs to teardrop silicone unders... My concern is how low my nipples seem... is it... READ MORE

5'6", 140 lbs, got 410 high profile teardrop implants, disappointed, will 565cc extra high profile be too big?

Originally 5'6" and 140 lbs, 34b and had 410cc high profile tear drop.  Being disappointed due to size and projection I am getting 565 round... READ MORE

250 cc moderate tear drop change to 300 cc round implant , can I use same pocket ?

I had 250 cc moderate tear drop , now I hope bigger . If I go 300 cc round shape , they will give me natural look ? Can I use same pocket for round... READ MORE

Will I Be a 32DD?

I have 350cc teardrop saline implants now and I'm a 32D; I'm exchanging the saline for 550cc high profile silicone, will I be 32DD? READ MORE

Sientra 425 teardrop implant reverse snoopy deformity? (Photo)

I am about 3 1/2 months from implant replacement with 425cc sientra teardrop cohesive gell implants. They look pretty good standing up but my right... READ MORE

3 months post op - 500cc teardrop, uneven and odd looking.

I had my ba 3 months ago, I had 500cc teardrop to replace my old 325cc round implants. I don't know which breast is the odd one. My left is higher... READ MORE

I had BA with 320cc teardrop shaped silicone implants 12 months ago. (Photo).

I always expressed that I did not want large breasts and now I am wanting to reduce the size if it is an easy thing to do. I find the breasts are a... READ MORE

Can I go from 330CC to a smaller size? perhaps 300? Can I have the tear drop shape?

I had my BA about 6months ago. Unfortunately, Im an unhappy patient. Think they are a too big (330cc) & I don't like the shape either (round, high... READ MORE

How can this mess be fixed?

Hi, on December 23 2013 I had breast augmentation done (tear drop implants- under the muscle) and this is the result. Left breast too high and the... READ MORE

Is a New Pocket Required for Revision?

I have subglandular tear drop natrelle cohesive gel implants 13mm wide. I am having them revised for 12mm wide implants due to a squared cleavage and... READ MORE

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