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Are the Breasts As Swollen After an Augmentation Revision As They Were the First Time?

Having breast implant redo after 6 months to change style and size. I've heard it's an easier procedure and recovery. Is it? Would I be as swollen and... READ MORE

Sharp pulling pain in right breast behind nipple

Original BA in 2011. Silicone unders. CC revision in April 2014 in sub-glandular position. Second CC revision 11 days ago, sub-muscular. In 2011... READ MORE

SEVERE Pain in Right Breast 5 Weeks Post Breast Revision/Lift? (photo)

Hello I have a very swollen, very painful right breast. I am 5 weeks post-op and had a breast revision/ mastopexy, same implants used (450cc silicone... READ MORE

Is Very Swollen Breast After Breast Revision Surgery Due to Capsular Contracture Normal? (photo)

Breast aug with 410 gel implants 245 cc unders. Had revision surgery due to minor CC in left breast. Doc removed scar tissue and repositioned left... READ MORE

What is the timeframe to have undergo another procedure? (Photo)

Im disappointed with my BA sizes 240cc-silicone and prefer larger breasts. I'm 3 weeks post op and one of my breast is slightly higher then the other.... READ MORE

How could I be the same size after increasing over 200cc? (Photo)

I had 330cc saline implants and was 36D. I now just got 600cc silicone implants yesterday and wearing 38D bra which is basically the same. What... READ MORE

What Are Early Sings of a Hematoma or Capsular Contraction?

I had my 350cc saline implants replaced with 450cc silicone high profile implants about 2 weeks ago. My left one feels great. I cant even tell i had... READ MORE

2003 Mentor Silicone Gel Implants Leaking. How Serious?

My dr is out of state-not an option for me to seek his help due to $/I do not have medical insurance Or access to $ at present time/I have not had... READ MORE

Does my incision site look okay? Should I be doing my breast massage with an open incision? (Photo)

I had new implants inserted 17 days ago because I developed capsular contracture on my left side when I quit breastfeeding my son. 9 days after... READ MORE

Right Breast Tightening After Revision Surgery to Smaller Implants?

I had my orig implants removed and replaced with smaller ones (150CC rt &125CC lft) a mo ago. It was done thru the orig underarm incision/path.... READ MORE

Breast Pain 3 Weeks Post Second Breast Surgery?

3 weeks post second breast surgery to correct " entrap nerve" to left breast - 4 months post lift with augmentation. Now, left breast is extremely... READ MORE

Weight gain - why does your entire body retain water after the surgery?

Why does your entire body retain water after the surgery? Not just the area you got operated on? I had my right breast revision done, and my whole... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Help Heal with out Implant Removal For Reoccurring Drainage?

I just had surgery to correct a possible capsular contraction . Once in surgery it turned out to be a fluid buildup only with alot of tissue... READ MORE

Left breast extremely swollen, appeared to have fluid around it. What do you think I should do? (Photo)

Had redo aug done this past wen. Cause: rippling in both and contra on left (13 years). Also had calification on left. Day after, left extremely... READ MORE

Swollen or Implant Moved? (photos)

I had breast lift revision (left) and scar revision on (R) on 1/6/15. My left breast was saggy, not as tight as my right one and my nipple was to high... READ MORE

Negative Breast Lift/Reduction Experience - What can be done? (photos)

7 months post UBL, no upper pole fullness, nipples too high, horizontal scars not in the infra mammary fold. I removed implants, asked for a... READ MORE

I Had Revision on Left Breast, Can Remedies Like Sage/peppermint Tea or Phytolacca/pulsatilla Help?

I've already had a revision surgery on left side. Right side is perfect! Will using sage/peppermint or herbals like phytolacca/pulsatilla help reduce... READ MORE

Should doctor exchange if I'm not happy with my results? (photos)

I went from 330cc saline to 600cc silicone and didn't get size difference I wanted. I was a D before and still a size 38D! I liked the look I had when... READ MORE

How do I look 8 days after capsulotomy on the left breast? I had revision on both 660cc saline & benelli lift. Age 40 (Photo)

Left is still sore n feels more swollen then rt. Both feel soft. Bruising initially on rt and center of chest, mostly healed. Occasionally sharp pains... READ MORE

Small swollen (new) lump, 10 Days Post revision with lift (no visible bruising)- very tender to touch

Since this am, left breast has a tender spot (small hardness that feels a little like a small swollen lump) on the top of the breast (so nowhere near... READ MORE

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