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How Long Does Swelling Last After Open Capsulotomy?

I had a second revision on right breast on March 17. It is still swollen and I have a small lump in the right upper outside that I noticed yesterday.... READ MORE

Sore, Swollen Breast After Breast Implant Replacement and Lift

I had my large breast implants replaced 4 days ago with smaller ones. I also had a breast lift. Today, I lifted too much and probably used my arms... READ MORE

Swelling and Sewn Pocket

I had my breast augumentation 4 days ago.They had to sew the pocket from previous augumentation because the implant shifted to the side some.Now with... READ MORE

Am I Starting to Develop Symmastia 2 After Scar Revision Surgery?

I am 2 weeks p/o from revision surgery to lower my left breast and upsize to 500cc mod plus silicone unders. My cleavage is much closer now and the... READ MORE

Swollen Breast After Drain Tubes Were Removed

I had a breast revision surgery almost 6 weeks ago. I had drain tubes in both breast for 11 days to help prevent cc. the night of and the 3-4 days... READ MORE

6 months after Breast Augmentation and a revision, my left breast is uneven. Will I need another revision? (photos)

I had my first BA 6 months ago, prior to surgery both breasts were even just very small. Left was a bit smaller, didn't sit or hang lower than right.... READ MORE

Are my Breasts Uneven 1 Month Post Op From Revision for CC? (photo)

I had breast revision surgery 1 month and 3 days ago. I had a capsular contracture of my right breast and had the ps do a second lift and replace my... READ MORE

Am I Lopsided After Capsulectomy and Implant Exchange to Silicone or Just Swollen?

I just had capsule removed on both sides and implant exchange to 550cc hp silicone, and now my left looks so much bigger than the right. Or is just... READ MORE

Submuscular High Profile Silicone Implants Much Too Hard/Tight 6 Weeks Post Op?

I recently had secondary ba with submuscular conversion HIGH PROFILE 425L and 475R. It's been 6 weeks and ive had no swelling for the last two... READ MORE

Abnormal Swelling 5 Weeks After Breast Implant Revision? (photo)

I went from 300cc saline to 450cc gel implants. The PS had to correct an oversized right pocket. Immediately after my surgery, the implants were... READ MORE

Using the Same Pockets in Revision to Upsize Breast Implants?

I am considering a revision to increase the size of my submuscular implants. My PS said a revision would be relatively simple a he would reuse the... READ MORE

Swelling After Deflated Implant Replacement and Capsulectomy, When Will It Go Down For Good?

I had a saline deflation L breast replaced 1.10.12, approx. 2 weeks after deflation. During the surgery the capsule came out with the deflated implant... READ MORE

Is There Swelling After a Breast Augmentation Revision?

I had a BA last May to fix severe asymmetry. In my right breast there was 175cc put in and about 510cc in my left, my left was initially smaller but... READ MORE

Swelling and Dropping and Fluffing from a Redo?

I just had a redo due to saline implant deflation. I went from 330 cc moderate saline implants to 400 cc moderate plus silicone implants. This time... READ MORE

I Am 3 Months Post-op from my 4th Revisionary Breast Surgery on my Left Breast. My Left Breast Was Significantly Larger Due to

I Am 3 Months Post-op from my 4th Revisionary Breast Surgery on my Left Breast.  My Left Breast Was Significantly Larger Due to swelling,... READ MORE

IMF Rising Up Along with Swelling Going Down?

Hi Doctors- I am 2 weeks post a breast revision. The crease fold of my right breast (the side where there was pocket work done) has gone up about 3... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned if One Breast Is Swelling More than the Other After Implant Revision?

I had a breast revision 6 days ago for a capsular contracture and scar tissue in my right breast. I originally had 280cc saline under the muscles.... READ MORE

Right breast swollen or was something done wrong? Redo from 400 saline SM to 600 memory gel SM (Photo)

I had a redo after 7 years, my saline right implant had a lot of scar tissue and was leaking and corroded. The dr had do to more work on my right than... READ MORE

Swelling with Tightness & Pain?

I had revised breast aug. 5 days ago do to right bottoming out and left muscle tighting up i have drain tubes in both breast the breast are not... READ MORE

Can I use antiseptic on my incisions?

I saw the nurse a week after the op, who said my wound was healing well and I would be able to stop using micropore tape at 4 weeks. I have therefore... READ MORE

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