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How long does it take for internal sutures to heal?

I had my implants swapped in October 2013. My left breast tissues were weakened from the surgeon having to "dig out" so much ruptured silicone. My... READ MORE

Permanent Sutures for Breast Implants Pushed out to the Side?

I've had 350cc saline implants under the muscle for 2 years now, and have bottoming out. I'm muscular with little body fat, 5'2", 104 lbs. My implants... READ MORE

What to Expect After Capsulorraphy

I am 3 weeks post op, revision. My doctor did a beautiful job of correcting my previous augmentation and tubular breast deformity by performing a... READ MORE

What Kind of Sutures Are Used in Capsulorrhaphy? (photo)

I am having capsulorrhaphy and implant exchange on Sept 10. I am going from 500cc HP to 375cc HP. I have slight bottoming out too. My PS is going to... READ MORE

Symmastia Repair - Smaller Implants and Resorbable Sutures?

Hi, I had sub-glandular breast augmentation in 2008,300 cc,a few months later I had a hernia and waves, my surgeon suggested to replace them under the... READ MORE

Can Internal Sutures Create a Fake Look From A Natural One? (photo)

I got 650cc Mentor Mod+ shells overfilled to 800cc, under the muscle, in February 2012. I started with a perky small B cup. I wanted an obviously fake... READ MORE

Lateral and Inferior Displacement of Implants - Capsulorraphy

I have read that it's necessary to use permanent sutures to repair an over-dissected pocket and raise the fold. I've also read that... READ MORE

Bottomed out Even After Internal Sutures.. Am I Just Not a Candidate for a BA? (photo)

First BA (infra incision) in 2007 w/ submuscular silicone (250cc), bottomed out within 3 months on my right side. Explanted, and tried again (2011) w/... READ MORE

Suture Continues to Come Out After Breast Implant Revision, However There is no Fluid, What Could be the Reason? (photo)

All doctors mentioned a possible chronic infection, I need to point out that there isn't any drainage with the recurring suture that keeps coming... READ MORE

What Should I Wear After Breast Pocket Revision Surgery (Lateral) to Prevent Sutures from Rupturing on the Sides?

What Should I Wear After Breast Pocket Revision Surgery (Lateral) to Prevent Sutures from Rupturing on the Sides? READ MORE

Why Do my Implant Sutures Continue to Come out Even Though my Doctor's Tried to Fix Them 3x? (photo)

In 2009 I had to replace my saline implants with silicone; saline broke. 2011 the sutures in my left breast have started to come out. The same surgeon... READ MORE

4 days post op after my symmastia repair and implant exchange, my right breast is out of shape. Is this normal? (photos)

I previously has a saline implant of 420cc with symmastia and I decide to go with dr hedden with my symmastia which he did a internal sututres and my... READ MORE

I have symmastia. Should I have the inside sutures or the alloderm procedure done?

I want to make sure I use the correct procedure and really dont know which is best to use. I have been to a couple of surgeons for their opinion, but... READ MORE

Is this scarring normal? Or did the surgeon suture the areolas incorrectly? (Photos)

I just got a revision breast augmentation 1/6/14 from my same doctor because I had gotten capsular contracture from my April 2013 surgery. The scars... READ MORE

What can be done about symmastia? Can the skin be sutured down over the breast bone? Can I get larger silicone implants? (Photo)

I have not been told by a dr, although I'm almost certain symmastia is what I have. Is this symmastia? My implants were placed under the muscle. I... READ MORE

Capsularrophy due to implant malposition. Are my results normal so far, or will I need another revision? (Photo)

I had a breast revision 3 wks ago to replace 13 yr old saline implants; I was informed by my ps that I would need to have a capsulorraphy due to... READ MORE

How did my revision fail? (Photo)

I would appreciate doctors' opinion here. I had a revision on my right boob to fix "bottomed-out" condition. My doc did internal suture to repair the... READ MORE

Will filling my implant more help with the rippling or should I fat graft? (photo)

I had a revision surgery almost 4 weeks ago, and as the swelling has subsided I've noticed an abundance of rippling on my right breast. I changed from... READ MORE

Permanent internal sutures - capsulorrhaphy

I am going to have capsulorrhaphy , and an implant exchange (downsizing) in a few months. I have read that permanent internal sutures are necessary.... READ MORE

How long should it take to do a breast revision? My operation only took 46 minutes. Any chance the surgery was rushed?

When I read my operative notes it only took the doctor 46 minutes from the first cut to the last stitch to switch saline to silicone, Benelli lift on... READ MORE

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