Subpectoral + Breast Implant Revision

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Unhappy with Final Breast Aug Result - Placement Too Low?

I had a sub-pect. BA 10 weeks ago. I requested a "natural" look, but I also wanted them to sit in a youthful, not low position on my torso.... READ MORE

Best Approach for Downsizing Breast Implants? (photo)

I have 700cc subpectoral mod+ silicone. Periareolar incision. Flat chested preop, no asymmetry. I have mild symmastia & bottoming out.I want... READ MORE

Mild Symmastia and Bottoming Out? (photo)

I have 700cc subpectoral mod+ silicone. I want smaller implants around 450cc. Should I explant with repairs then wait 6 months to 1 year before... READ MORE

Preferred Placement of Silicone Implants - Sub Pec or on Top of Muscle, After Capsulectomy?

Dear Drs, thanks for your prof.opinion. I decided to have my 40 year old implants removed & replaced w/silicone gel.Present implants are on top of... READ MORE

Best Option for Mild Symmastia/Bottoming out Repair?

Hi, I have 700cc sub-pectoral, mod-plus smooth round silicone. Flat chested pre-op. Early 20s, no kids. Bottoming out (R) and mild symmastia. Should I... READ MORE

Advised to Change from Submuscular to Subglandular 6 Months Post Op-Some Advice Please? (photo)

I had 330cc subpectoral silicone implants placed 6 months ago, they never dropped despite vigorous massage & wearing a strap. My surgeon suggested... READ MORE

Breast augmentation revision: go smaller or remove altogether? (photo)

I've attached a number of pictures to show someone similar to what I looked like before surgery... me after BA (saline, subpectoral, in place since... READ MORE

I Have Sub Pec Saline Implants and Want Newer Ones, How Long of a Wait Between Surgeries?

I have had saline implants for over 15 years now. They are intact and are sub pectoral. Since having them I have breastfed two children and would like... READ MORE

Would removing the subglandular implants and placing a smaller (going from a 340 to a 200) implant subpectoral work?

A year ago, I had silicon implants and a lift to correct tubular breasts. I'm unhappy, as the doctor made me larger than I wanted, and they are... READ MORE

Best subpectoral bilateral silicone implant revision option four months post op?

Nipples point downward and implants have never softened and feel stuck to my chest. Breasts ache. Using generic Singulair for 2 mo. Dr. thinks CC has... READ MORE

WHY are we not allowed to run until 6 weeks post op revision? My revision was neosubpectoral placement to fix pocket (Photo)

I run 40 to 50 miles a week and very athletic. I am 10 days post op revision. I feel amazing and I feel healed. Shouldn't how quickly we can return to... READ MORE

Help! Reoccurring Symmastia. What should I do now? (photos)

I had my first BA in Mar. 2015 with 350cc hp silicone Subpectoral. 4 months post op I developed Symmastia. I had a revision surgery with another... READ MORE

Rib pain 8 days after surgery - is this part of the healing process?

I had breast augmentation 8 days ago, mentor high profile , 300cc in the left 325 cc in the right, sub pectoral. I have a pulling, stitch pain in my... READ MORE

Breast lift and second breast augmentation. Any suggestions?

I'm a dental hygienist and wondering how much time off of work is recommended. My plastic surgeon is in a different state so I will have to fly. I... READ MORE

I have awful rippling even with Naterelle 410 FF style and subpectoral placement. (photos)

I'm very unhappy with my recent revision. My doctor is fabulous, it's not his fault at all, he corrected my asymmetry but I'm petite & even w... READ MORE

Know of a Dr. who is experienced in breast revision with subpectoral distortion and lateral displacement?

I've already had one consultation where I was told that my breasts are not likely fixable and that I would need to see the guru who wrote the text... READ MORE

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