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Implant Problem- One Breast Falls to Side

I am 4 weeks post op of a 2nd breast augmentation. I went up in size and to fix asymmetry and a dent in right breast. Now I notice that when I lay... READ MORE

Will a Third Breast Implant Surgery Ruin my Breasts?

I got saline 350 ccs about 9 months ago. They were too big so I got silicone 250 ccs. I still feel they are too big and i am beginning to think i... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Correct Nipple Scars Caused by Implants when Replacing Implants? (photo)

I had breast implants in 2009 i went from a 34c to a 34dd . I had 290 implants which my surgon recomended i have through the nipple with a nipple lift... READ MORE

Should Original Surgeon Carry Out Implant Revision?

I had a peri-areolar lift in September 2010 and not happy with the results. First the nipples are stretched too wide and are unattractive. There is... READ MORE

Replace Implants with Smaller Implants?

The PS chose a range of 300cc-400cc for my 32A frame. Regretfully I chose 450cc. Although only into week two I know I want a redo; however, I noticed... READ MORE

Should I expect much of settling and fluffing after a breast revision considering my skin has already been stretched out?

I replaced my 8 year old saline 360 moderate to silicone 450 high profile and am 9 days post surgery. I don't see much of a difference which isn't... READ MORE

How many cup sizes will I go from 330cc's to 500, do you think it will fill in skin that was stretched out based on pic? (photo)

I currently have 330cc's saline implants and after having 5 kids and breastfeeding I have a lot of extra skin. I'm 5'8 160 pounds. Most doctors say I... READ MORE

10 days post op, will this improve? (photos)

Hi, I am ten days post op and have had an implant replacement and nipple lift as I wanted them smaller as after my son my nipples had stretched and... READ MORE

Can I get the results I want? (photo)

I had a lift with implants 10 months ago that did not give me the results I wanted. The skin stretched and implants went out to the sides. I'm... READ MORE

Will a larger implant correct my problem or will the surgeon need to tighten the implant pocket? (photos)

I am 15 yrs s/p saline implants under the muscle with no problems until now. I had a baby 2 yrs ago and breast fed for 8months. Shortly after, my Lt... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my breast and is the surgeon at fault? (photos)

Before Surgery I had tubelar breast. I had a breast augmentation and lift with saline implants 390cc under the muscle last April 6, 2016. By the 3rd... READ MORE

Any suggestions on replacing 700 cc anatomical saline implants? (photos)

I have 17 year old 700cc teardrop saline implants, under the muscle that I want to replace. My pocket is stretched as you can see and I have bottoming... READ MORE

Impatience or real problem? 2 months 5 days post op revision. Ugly and too big. (photos)

1 breast is 1 inch longer chest to nipple. Surgeon says skin will stretch. Only one going to stretch? He is board certified PS. My colostomy scar... READ MORE

12 years post op BA. Had 300 cc in, now want 400 cc. Should they fit?

Had breast August 12 years ago , from 34aa, had 300 cc under silicone , but having a re Aug in 2 weeks and want 400 cc in but she can't say if they... READ MORE

Am I too big? I have a slender frame, was a 32B and got 375cc silicone gel implants under the muscle 2 weeks ago. (photo)

I told my surgeon that I like the full/ rounded look at the top. I was hoping for 325-350cc and advised that I don't want to be top-heavy/ too big,... READ MORE

Will my breasts drop and become less stretched and closer together? (Photo)

I am 4 and a half days post op and I can't help but worry that my breasts are looking quite far apart I have seen a lot that this is normal and when... READ MORE

How can I fix my already lifted & implanted breasts? (Photo)

I am only 18 years old, always struggled with saggy breasts l,very wide apart, I have quite a bit of natural tissue. I have 360 cc in my right breast... READ MORE

Saline implant to silicone & curious if I need a lift at time of exchange? Could I get away with a donut maxopexy? (Photo)

I'm 5'6" 126lbs 32D; before my implants I was 34B. I had my saline 330 filled to 390cc in 2008. 2 kids & breastfed. My areolas have stretched out... READ MORE

Concerns about downsizing more than half the current implant size? Help, please.

2012, 650cc OF 800cc Saline under muscle. I need them out. They have grown with each baby (2). They are ridiculously large, my back constantly hurts.... READ MORE

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