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What Should I Do to Add Volume to my Upper Breast?

I currently have implants they've dropped and now I have ski slop breasted also they seem set far apart and too firm. My current implants are saline... READ MORE

Enlargement of nipple/aureola size and unwanted stretch-marks due to implant change from 400cc to 835cc. (photo)

My surgeon says that my skin is fairly loose with my current implant (400cc) and an 835cc extra high profile implant will fit without problems. I am... READ MORE

What Procedure is Right for Me if I Want to Breastfeed Again?

I am a 30 yr old mother of 2 with saline overs (about 180cc.) Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, my implants are quite saggy and I have... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have Implants Removed and Made Smaller? (photo)

I had BA with beni lift done sept 17. I told my PS i wanted a full B small C.He went with 330/360 saline under the muscle.he said i had a good amount... READ MORE

Will my stretch marks get worse if I go up one cup size? (Photo)

Hi I'm 4"11 and 108Ibs. I have 360ccs and I'm 2 months post op and I've developed stretch marks. My surgron is treating them with some cream. I'm... READ MORE

I really want a higher profile because they literally feel so uncomfortable without support. What procedure is best for this?

I have a 450CC saline implant, my natural breast also grew after. I heard you can have the Implant sown into the muscle? I feel like their weight will... READ MORE

Hello. I'm exactly 2 weeks post op breast implant revision from saline to silicone, under muscle & 550 cc Naturelles 20 (photos)

Hello I am exactly 2 weeks post op today and wondering if the unevenness towards the bottom of the breast is going to get better and have that rippled... READ MORE

Options to correct visible rippling on revised breast Implants? Original 325 to 425. Didn't ripple before. (photos)

Hi. I have 425 saline implants w/visible rippling on right breast (when I lay down it pokes out a lot like a bubble right under nipple where incision... READ MORE

Double bubble? (7m post-op) am I crazy to want this fixed by the same doctor? (Photos)

Dr told me it was fine months ago when I brought up my concern. They have since gotten worst and it's only been 7m. Appt next week but am I being too... READ MORE

Revision breast implants; scared my breasts will be saggy? (Photos)

I had breast augmentation 2 years ago with 625 cc implants.Before surgery my breast were quite small and the size of implant stretched too much my... READ MORE

Breast reaugmentation with or without mastopexy? (photos)

Prev BA 9yrs (submammary 350L 325R high profile textured implants, inframammary incisions). Breast fed pre and post BA. Severe lateral displacement,... READ MORE

Switch to high profile silicone or rearrange tissue to fix visible rippling on already revised breast aug? (Photos)

I have saline implants under muscle w/ visible rippling under my nipple on right breast(425).(left breast filled to 450)Thin skin with lots of stretch... READ MORE

Is a lift required for replacing larger implants to a smaller implant size? If so what type of surgery am I looking at?

I have 550cc silicone implants, after getting pregnant and breast feeding my boobs look sagging and gave stretch marks. I'd like to go smaller but... READ MORE

Can I reduce my 38D 420cc implants to a reconstructive smaller 38b or c? "More Sporty"

I at one point was 5'9 250 lbs. I lost a lot of weight and lost my chest and went to maybe a large A small B with lose skin. I got implants under the... READ MORE

Will a Breast Implant and Lift Revision cause more stretch marks on breasts?

I had a mommy makeover in 2007 and over the following 6 years I gained 50 pounds. Over the past year, I have lost 45 pounds and am back on track.... READ MORE

What happens after removal if mammary line was lowered to accommodate implants? (Photo)

I was wondering what advice you can offer me in regards to removing my implants. I have had them since 09/2012. I know my doctor had moved my mammary... READ MORE

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