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Post Breast Implant Revision: Breasts Now Look Uneven

At what point/time frame do I become concerned about the appearance of my breasts? I had a major revision with strattice for implants that had fallen... READ MORE

Pre Breast Implant Revision: Best Way to Treat Capsular Contracture?

I have a second case of cc. My ba was 3/4/10, 371 silicon, overs. Within 3 months I developed cc. I had a capsulotomy 6/10 and then a capsulectomy... READ MORE

What is the best product when having breast redone with Silicone Implants & internal bra Galaflex? Seris scaffold or Strattice?

What is best when having breast redone with silicone implants and internal bra Galaflex, Seris scaffold or strattice which one has been on the market... READ MORE

Why does my breast have a fold on the side? Are they sagging? Or is that just lower pole? (Photo)

(Please see photos) I had stattice in my last revision due to thin skin/capsular contracture. That surgery was just Jan 14, 2015. There was also an... READ MORE

Drain fluid is still dark red one week after Breast Implant Revision surgery with Strattice. Is this a cause for concern?

I had breast implant revision surgery with strattice a week ago. The PS placed a drain for the left side. I was told that the fluid in the drain... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Approach Capsular Contracture Revision?

I had my first augmentation July 2011 with silicone smooth unders through the areola. Developed contacture at week 4 in my left beast that is now... READ MORE

Had 3 Capsular Contractures and Explant. For Revision Surgery is Alloderm/max or Strattice Better? Which Implant is Best?

I've had 3 capsular breast contractures with breast augmentation and revisions (last one with Allomax) and an explant. I am all stretched out and... READ MORE

Double Bubble/Animation Deformity. 2 correction options. Which one is better? I have 400CC Saline Under Muscle Implants (photos)

I know its hard to tell without being examined. But, I was diagnosed with double bubble/animation deformity by both my surgeon and a 2nd surgeon I saw... READ MORE

What can I do to prevent my nipples from popping out of bra? Strattice has failed. Is my best option to remove implants? (Photo)

I am 28 and I had original mastopexy with 375 cc silicone implants in 2011. Within 6 months breasts bottomed out, and nipples popped out of clothes. I... READ MORE

Breast revision with Naturelle 410 MF 375 cc and strattice. Will this be too large?

I was 34 A cup prior to surgery, original implant size was Mentor round 225 cc silicon gel. The Left breast has bottomed out while the right feels... READ MORE

Did my boobs drop too much? (Photo)

Had revision for cc: capsolectomy, ROUND texture sientras + strattice. At first they were perfect. But a few days later they dropped more. Is this... READ MORE

Should strattice or just internal sutures be used for my revision? (Photo)

I have saline smooth mod. profile filled to 370cc, unders. Placed 11 years ago and had bottoming out within 3 weeks. A repair was done at 6 months and... READ MORE

Can Strattice be added with future surgeries again? (Photo)

After a year & 2 months of living with ripples I finally had them fixed. I have 650cc high profile gel implants & never had ripples like this in my... READ MORE

Is the tissue strattice matrix the best option? Need second opinion because it is expensive.

My saline implant has rippled (bad) my left breast is now very saggy. When I lay down they fall into the armpit and shows two gaping holes in my... READ MORE

Does capsular contracture ever come back worse after revision?

I'm going to have revision surgery. I am getting strattice and textured sientras. My ps said I have a pretty good shot at success, but he scared me... READ MORE

What are the ways you can mess up your Strattice? Do's and donts with strattice? Did my doctor go to rough 1 week post op?

I had revision one week ago he did great, but my left was a little lower and softer. My right was higher up and had pain and felt hard. He had removed... READ MORE

My PS recommends to do a revision surgery using Strattice to correct stargazing nipples & bottoming out. Any suggestions?(photo)

I had revision surgery 2yrs. ago to address the star gazing nipples, bottoming out, and increasing the breast size a little for more fullness. This... READ MORE

Are my implants bottoming out for a third time? 3 months ago, I had a bottoming out revision with Strattice. Help! (Photo)

This is my 4th augmentation. First surgery, I had subglandular BA. This was not ideal for me being that I had little breast tissue and was 18 years... READ MORE

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