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Implant Problem- One Breast Falls to Side

I am 4 weeks post op of a 2nd breast augmentation. I went up in size and to fix asymmetry and a dent in right breast. Now I notice that when I lay... READ MORE

Sore, Swollen Breast After Breast Implant Replacement and Lift

I had my large breast implants replaced 4 days ago with smaller ones. I also had a breast lift. Today, I lifted too much and probably used my arms... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Implants From 350CC to 354CC: Should I See a Difference?

Four months ago had Gummy Bear implants and lollipop lift after removal of original silicone implants from 2001. Original size was 350cc's and... READ MORE

Revision Options

I had a BA in July 2010 using Mentor HP Saline 380 CC Round Smooth filled to 450, Inframammary Incision, Dual Plane Placement. I am sore all the time,... READ MORE

What Are Early Sings of a Hematoma or Capsular Contraction?

I had my 350cc saline implants replaced with 450cc silicone high profile implants about 2 weeks ago. My left one feels great. I cant even tell i had... READ MORE

Sore and Heavy Breasts After Breast Implant Revision. Should I Get Them Removed?

Hi, I had my implants renewed 2 years ago. For the last couple of months both my breasts are very heavy and sore, I also get occasional shooting pains... READ MORE

What is the best solution for recurring capsular contracture? (photos)

I had breast aug. in July of 2015, 350 cc Mentor silicone placed under the muscle, periareol incision. A few months later I developed capsular... READ MORE

How do I look 8 days after capsulotomy on the left breast? I had revision on both 660cc saline & benelli lift. Age 40 (Photo)

Left is still sore n feels more swollen then rt. Both feel soft. Bruising initially on rt and center of chest, mostly healed. Occasionally sharp pains... READ MORE

Will the soreness and burning sensation minimize or go away completely? (photo)

I had my second breast augmentation on Oct. 5th 2013 so im 16 days post op and the only reason i got this augmentation was because i had a deflated... READ MORE

Would HP implants (currently have mod) reduce armpit pocket and stop the inside of my arm rubbing raw? (Photos)

8 month post BA. Received Natrelle 15-492 in left breast & 15-533 in right. Instantly noticed inside of my arms rubbed the sides of my breast.... READ MORE

Will my right breast still drop? Feeling hopeless. (photos)

I had BA almost 1 1/2 year ago. One of my breast never dropped. Had revision 3 weeks ago and in my opinion, it still looks the same. My surgeon seems... READ MORE

24 days post op of Breast Implant Revision, is it okay to drink, go dancing which may involve a little jumping?

Both implants replaced, scoring to make breasts rounder, both breast pockets made small. for dbl bubble. Have 500cc silicon "Mentor" high profile... READ MORE

Sore upper breast near cleavage and sore breast bone at top centre of breast. Is this normal?

I am 4 months post op after cc aurgiry on right breast with new implant put in. I have been getting really sore at top of breast and the bone feels... READ MORE

Had 2nd set of breast implants March 3rd 2016. Black hole in the incision that is leaking clear fluid. (photo)

My right implant has been achy on and off.. Saturday I woke up, in a lot of pain.implant was swollen and hot to touch I had a low grade fever 100.4 I... READ MORE

Could breast infection with implant reoccur after 2 months?

I have had complicated past- breast implant infection & removal & replacement 3 years ago. Then in April capsulectomy, resulting in hematoma, then... READ MORE

Left breast harder and higher than right after revision. Right capsulectomy, left, nada. Why so hard? Right is soft. (photos)

Redo11 days ago.3rd x in 20 years.Right ruptured.was prodded, scraped more than the left, but is soft, dropped, wonderful, no pain, no muscle... READ MORE

Is some soreness 12-15 days post Capsulectomy normal?

I had BA 7/15/13 (275cc, smooth, mentor, Si) and had a capsulectomy on the left breast 5/22/14. I returned to work and normal daily activities except... READ MORE

My implants are 19 years old .They have turned rock hard. Sore. Misshapen. Corners and square like appearances (photo)

I paid thousands in mullingar hospital for these. I would rather die than have no chest. I suffered enough for that for years. Can I get new implants... READ MORE

2 wks post-op from BA. Why is my left boob not healing? Please help.

I am 2 wks post-op from a BA. I had implants prior, my left implant ruptured. My left boob is really hard/sore, appears bruising is getting worse on... READ MORE

Why do I have this constant aching feeling in my left breast? Feels kind of tight, sore, and just achy! (Photo)

I had 500cc mod saline inserted 6/2015, on 12/2015 I had a revision with a new dr, breast fold, 700cc uhp natrelle Silicone. Dr didn't do capsulotomy,... READ MORE

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