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Cohesive Gel Exchange Worth It for More Natural Feel?

Had breast implants in 1995 at the age of 23 for very small breasts. Underwent sub muscular augmentation with tear drop saline implants to make me a B... READ MORE

Who makes the softest, and what are, are the softest silicone implants available now?

I had old silicone implants and I liked how soft they were. They looked natural. New implants look harder and I am not crazy about that. I bounced... READ MORE

Revision needed? Have 375HP unders ....would mod plus 300s give me a better look? (Photo)

Had 375HP unders placed one year and 3 mos ago. Implants did not settle into pockets and then a pocket revision was done 3 mos. ago...still not seeing... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Changes After My Breast Implants Revision if One is Harder Than the Other? (photo)

I Had Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, I Had my Silicon 300cc Implants Taken Our and Replaced with Silicon 295cc, Id Had my previous implants in for... READ MORE

5 weeks post capsulectomy and implant exchange. Breast is overly soft and saggy. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, I'm 5 weeks out, from a implant exchange 375 saline, to 255 anatomical sientra. I'm very concerned at this point by the difference in appearance... READ MORE

Should I switch from saline to the new highly-cohesive implants to address rippling and softness?

I have extremely thin tissue and got saline implants two years ago. As my doctor predicted, I have visible rippling from the saline. They also do not... READ MORE

Will open capsulotomy fix the dent at incision site on my right breast? Had 2nd BA 2012- 325cc silicone Mentor MP. (photo)

- org BA 1989. I am now having revision surgery in a month on my right breast. Both of my breasts are very soft however my right breast has a... READ MORE

Breast revision- will saline be softer then cohesive gel?

I currently have 300cc cohesive gel implants under the muscle and will be getting a revision next month to go bigger. I find my cohesive gel very firm... READ MORE

Does and implant need time to "settle" or "drop" when Alloderm is placed under it? (photos)

I had my first surgery 11/2/15 to repair left side CC and it formed again within 2-3 weeks after a complete capsulectomy and implant replacement.... READ MORE

Can Polyurethane Implants be replaced with softer Smooth Gel Implant, while leaving just Polyurethane coating in place?

As my surgeon has mentioned, this will give benefits of lowered cc and the softer feel that i desire. I already have the PURE implants inserted and am... READ MORE

When lowering the fold during breast implant revision, how long does it take for the new crease to define and soften? (Photo)

TY for answering my previous questions. I now have a bigger concern with my left breast! The fold was lowered to accommodate a larger implant. I... READ MORE

Implant exchange concerns. Is the upgrade worth the future issues with larger implants? (photos)

Went "too natural" first augmentation. I'm 33 y/o, 5'2" 112lbs and got Mentor 375 mod+ silicone unders. My issue is that I'm flat in the cleavage... READ MORE

Will my seri mesh internal bra soften as my own tissue replaces it, allowing my implants to round out and drop more? (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post op from implant exchange and seri mesh internal bra for lower pole support. I have a dent on each side where it seems the mesh is... READ MORE

Do I need to get revision surgery to fix the squareness of my left breast? (photos)

After surgery my left beat at my cleavage was extremely square. When I went to my 2 week appt my dr told be that the square shape would go away as the... READ MORE

My left breast sags and goes off to side, will I need revision and if so what needs to be done? (photos)

I got a breast lift and implants silicone rifht has 298 and left 308 under muscle 31/2 months ago. I noticed my right breast stays put and is full and... READ MORE

Can round cohesive implants generate similar outcome as pure Brazilian tear drop implants? (Photos)

4 yrs ago I went from a small A cup to L:315 (MD) and R:360(HI) using pure Brazilian implants (Silimed) they look lovely but they are firm and don't... READ MORE

Old 1999 saline implant. Want revision w/ silicone implants. Soft, natural, what breast lift & implant would you suggest?(photo)

1999 saline implants feel very hard, saggy, with full hard upper pole. Original augmentation filled too full, saline withdrawn two weeks later leaving... READ MORE

Will gel (gummy bear) implants feel softer than these rock hard saline implants? (Photo)

I had under muscle augment from a 36 b to 450 saline implants in 2008. They are so hard when I even slightly flex my pectoral muscles . Will gel... READ MORE

Did my implants get ruined ? (Photo)

My doctor used the same implants on me that were filled to 1400 Ccs and I had a reduction. And a lift. Brought back down to 800cc saline implants. He... READ MORE

Can I benefit from silicone implants? (photo)

Can I benefit from silicone implants? I currently have Saline implants. There are imperfections as with any breast augmentation; however, I am overall... READ MORE

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