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What Cc and Profile Will Get Me to This Goal Photo for Breast Implants? (photo)

I am looking to downsize. I currently have 400cc mod+profile. My preop photos I was about 5-10 pounds lighter. I implanted only last year under the... READ MORE

Would 650cc overfilled to 700 (or 750) under muscle be enough? 225-250cc doesn't sound enough to make a visible difference.

5.4" 104lbs. 32A pre-op. got 425 HP silicones (34D-BDW 14.5). Im upsizing&switching to salines. My ps said he'll overfill a 650cc shell. a different... READ MORE

Switching from 425cc HP silicones to 550-700cc Salines for the pornstar look - can i accommodate larger implants? (Photo)

5'4 104lbs. I was 32A and got 425cc hp silicone 6 mnth ago then had capsulotomy 2 weeks ago. He lowered the pocket and released the muscle. When can i... READ MORE

Bottomed out Even After Internal Sutures.. Am I Just Not a Candidate for a BA? (photo)

First BA (infra incision) in 2007 w/ submuscular silicone (250cc), bottomed out within 3 months on my right side. Explanted, and tried again (2011) w/... READ MORE

Replacing Silicone Implants to Saline Implants Help to Reduce/minimize Capsular Contracture?

I’m Asian, small frame, & don’t have much breast tissue. I had breast implants over 2 yrs - silicone gel under the muscle. They look nice but don... READ MORE

What is the Likelihood of Repeated Capsular Contracture with Implant Replacement and Position?

I developed Baker Grade IV capsular contracture within a year of getting silicone implants above my muscle. Years later my ps replaced them with... READ MORE

Am I Bottoming out Why Do I Have Indention and Odd Side Shape when I Raise my Arms? (photo)

I had mastopexy with implants in jan, i wanted a d cup and was barley a c so i had a revision in april, I switched from silicone to saline bec i... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done? S/P Symmastia Repair (photo)

I have a complicated history. Had first BA in 1988 silicone overs 280cc. Developed symmastia quickly but PS said nothing he could do. Never even said... READ MORE

I have 800cc Silicone implants. I want to go larger to 1400cc Saline implants. What doctors are willing to do it for me? (Photo)

Want to go from 800cc to 1400cc. Need to find a good plastic surgeon. Not taking a topless photo. But heres a picture though. READ MORE

I had saline over the sub glandular over filled too 1000cc. I am 7 weeks post op. I'm afraid I have capsular contraction (Photo)

My left breast is ideal. Exactly what I wanted. My felt breast in high and firm. It has never been soft. I like the "saggy" natural look. My surgeon... READ MORE

Downsizing from 400cc Mod+ to 150 Saline. Implanted for 10 Months No Lift Needed?

They're too big for me. don't want silicone for personal reasons. prior, small34b. I really explant but I am not mentally ready for that. I... READ MORE

Should I Replace Silicone to Saline? (photo)

Having surgery to fix breast next week. Doc wants me to change to 500cc cuz I have no upper pole and cleavage. He said right breast is hung up or is... READ MORE

Cost to Downsize, Switch to Saline?

I need to find out how much it costs to switch to saline implants, downsize and have a capsullorhaphy. I am almost positive I will need this because I... READ MORE

Should I Exchange my Silicone Implants for Overfilled Saline Implants to Get Rid of Rippling?

I had 375 CC implants in 1997 under the muscle with no rippling. I exchanged them for 421 and 457 CC silicone implants under the muscle in January. I... READ MORE

I had a breast expander that caused my rib cage to become concave. Suggestions?

Currently I have an 800 silicone breast implant which is too small, so my plastic surgeon is suggesting I get a saline breast implant that can be... READ MORE

Currently seeking the best profile implant to give side boob plus XL size. I have 650 silicone under muscle now.

If I switch to sailine implants for revision, what profile is best for upper pole with plenty diameter (side boob)? Looking for the 1400+ ccs under... READ MORE

Will 1000cc saline implants give me the soft feel I currently have with my 650cc silicon implants? (photos)

I currently have 650cc HP silicon implants but I am not happy with the size, so my surgeon suggested Saline implants overfilled to 1000cc. Will they... READ MORE

I want to switch from silicone back to saline?

I had saline for appx 15yrs,loved the firmness i had no rippling,i had redo in 2012 w/ 600ccHP Silicone over the muscle&month later had ripping on... READ MORE

What size saline should I get if going from silicone 395cc?

Having 2nd surgery in 7 years for capsular contraction on Rt breast. I do not want silicone what amount of saline will give me a fuller look without a... READ MORE

Capsule contraction: should I switch from silicone to saline?

I got a breast aug only 6 mons ago with 375cc mentor gels and developed a capsule contracture of my right breast. I am having revision surgery but am... READ MORE

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