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My nipple size and breast shapes look different. Should I be concerned at 3 1/2 weeks post op replacement of implants? (photo)

I had a replacement of 4 1/2 y/o implants on 8/4/14 from 225 silicone unders to 350 HP gummy bear unders.Both are softening up well, but I am just... READ MORE

Drop and fluff faster after second Breast Augmentation?

After my first BA, it took a full 3 months for my round mod+ 325 cc sientra implants to settle in. I plan to downsize by about 100 cc to anatomicals.... READ MORE

Downsize in a Few Days. What Can I Expect?

Hello I was wondering if you Dr's can tell me if I will see a smaller look downsizing my implants. I have mentor 500 mod plus overfilled 600 saline... READ MORE

My implants are way too large and a need revision.Would Silicone Low profile be a good solution for me or "Gummy Bear"? (photo)

It's been 5 years since I had breast surgery. I wanted to be a D cup which was the biggest mistake! I have 550cc Silicone Moderate Plus. My right... READ MORE

Did my boobs drop too much? (Photo)

Had revision for cc: capsolectomy, ROUND texture sientras + strattice. At first they were perfect. But a few days later they dropped more. Is this... READ MORE

Sientra 425 teardrop implant reverse snoopy deformity? (Photo)

I am about 3 1/2 months from implant replacement with 425cc sientra teardrop cohesive gell implants. They look pretty good standing up but my right... READ MORE

Surgeon Not Board Certified. Do I Need to Find Another Surgeon?

Am I stuck with finding another surgeon to reduce my 3month old oversized 450cc silicone implants? My General Surgeon Is offering Sientra's, but... READ MORE

Does the Sientra warranty apply when getting a breast implant revision?

If Sientra implants are used for a breast implant revision, after having different type of implants in the original surgery, is the Sientra warranty... READ MORE

6 days post op Breast Implant exchange from 350cc to 655cc and still look small. Will they get bigger as the muscles adjust.

6 days post opp with removal of 350cc implant replaced with 655cc high profile Sientra brand. Had a lot if muscle and pocket repair work done as well.... READ MORE

Breasts uneven and misshaped after having breast implant revision. Any advice of help? (Photo)

I had Breast Implant revision on July 17, 2014 to correct acapsular contracture on the right breast. The left was fine very soft and felt natural. The... READ MORE

For Replacement of Deflated Saline Implant with Silicone Gel Implant. What Would Be my Best Option? Allergan? Mentor? Sientra?

Current saline implants:225cc.under the pectoralis muscles.(surgery10 years ago) I want silicone round shape implants not more than 250cc, under the... READ MORE

Does capsular contracture ever come back worse after revision?

I'm going to have revision surgery. I am getting strattice and textured sientras. My ps said I have a pretty good shot at success, but he scared me... READ MORE

5 weeks post capsulectomy and implant exchange. Breast is overly soft and saggy. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, I'm 5 weeks out, from a implant exchange 375 saline, to 255 anatomical sientra. I'm very concerned at this point by the difference in appearance... READ MORE

Should I postpone Sientra breast aug revision in light of recent issues at Silimed manufacturing plant?

I recently read that some E.U. Countries and Australia suspended the use of Sientra/Silimed products. Sientra also halted U.S. sales & asked plastic... READ MORE

Revision - Switch from Mod to HP, Get Benelli Lift or switch to Over the muscle for desired look? (photos)

Natural 32DD before nursing with a lot of natural upperpole fullness. I wanted that back but my shape is all wrong Implants are lower than my natural... READ MORE

Almost 3 months po. They still seem to sit too high. Will these get better? (Photo)

Had implants over for 35 years .cc every 10 years chg out and soft again except for 2012 & 2013 right breast got cc Went to best ps.change to unders,... READ MORE

What are the practical differences I'd experience switching from saline to "gummy bear" implants if I keep the same size?

I'm 5'4"/ 97lbs, with 9+ y/o salines (360cc). I have some rippling and mild cc's (no pain), and my breasts are a naturally a bit far apart. Gummies... READ MORE

What are my revision options? My implants are 4 years old and saline, I wanted to go with sientra gummy implants this time.

For reference to my question, my pictures and background info included here in my review below.  My breasts are soft and since I have saline I... READ MORE

Mentor vs: Natrelle Inspiras 'or' Sientra HSC+?

I presently have 600cc Mentor HP gels and wanting to downsize to 450cc. I have lot's of rippling in the cleavage and outer part of the breast. My... READ MORE

I am seeking the best option for my body to fix a failed breast lift and augmentation? (Photos)

I am a 29 year old healthy female seeking to correct what I feel is a failed breast lift and augmentation. I had a "mini ultimate breast lift" surgery... READ MORE

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