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Will Reducing my Existing Implants 50cc Change the Size of my Breasts? (photo)

I have 330cc implants (filled 390cc and 375cc) and it took me from a full B/small C to a fullD/DD. This is just too big and I want to be more at a... READ MORE

Massaging to Improve Shape of Implant After Exchange Surgery?

I had expander/implant exchange one month ago. The shape of the implants worries me because they look unnatural and square instead of rounded. Will... READ MORE

My nipple size and breast shapes look different. Should I be concerned at 3 1/2 weeks post op replacement of implants? (photo)

I had a replacement of 4 1/2 y/o implants on 8/4/14 from 225 silicone unders to 350 HP gummy bear unders.Both are softening up well, but I am just... READ MORE

I Need a Dr Specializes in Pear Shaped Breast Implants?

I have had Round implants as well as Pear shaped implants I perfer the pear shaped inside my body with my bone structure it looks Much better on me ,... READ MORE

Odd shape breast after capsulectomy. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, I had a revision on 1-30-14 for capsulectomy in my right & upgrade from 450cc to 600HP smooth silicone. I'm noticing the right breast that had... READ MORE

Breast Aug 3 Months Ago - Areola Shape and Location

Should Aerola Be an Odd Shape and Sit So High, That It Shows Outside my Bra? Any info would be good, i have been to my PS he suggests waiting it out... READ MORE

After an 'internal bra' is fitted is it normal for misshapen breasts within the first few weeks?

I had my first breast augmentation September 2013, I went from a 32A to a 32DD however this year I noticed dropping of one implant, then the other... READ MORE

Will Implant Drop After Double Bubble Revision?

I had double bubble revision surgery on my left breast just today. Will the implant drop? It is considerably higher and a different shape than my... READ MORE

Unsatisfactory Augmentation Results? (photo)

I've always had wierd cone shapped & puffy areola. I thought the best way to fix mild tuberous breast was circumferencial bellini lift, areolar... READ MORE

Does the bra or garment you wear after surgery effect the shape of your breasts? (Photo)

Every dr has different instructions on what to wear after surgery, and I want to know if that ultimately affects the shape of your breasts. My first... READ MORE

Saline Implants 17 Years Ago Over Muscle? (photo)

I've had implants for over 17 years. saline, 300cc and 350cc. Last couple days I've noticed the right implant seems to be misshapen I'm pretty sure... READ MORE

Breast implants with natural downward slope as opposed to sticking straight out? (photos)

Have you ever noticed how some breasts, both natural and implants stick out (almost forming a horizontal line from crease nipple) whereas some breast... READ MORE

Should I Explant or Exchange to Smaller Size? (photo)

I got BA with silicone gel, tear drop medial pole, low projection poliurethane cover implants of 310cc and 355 cc. I am not happy with the size of my... READ MORE

What is the Opinion of Getting a 2nd Opinion to Do my Implant Replacement? (photos)

I found the perfect breast shape and size on this site, printed them out and gave them to my doctor. He never put them in my file. I have scheduled an... READ MORE

Turned away on revision to lower pole problems on current breast implants! (Photo)

450 Mentor sili unders,high prof a year 1/2 ago.Want more rounded,lower fullness & longer distance from fold 2 nipple.Dr said no. He can do full lift... READ MORE

Revision Advice Please...339 Cc Silicone Moderate Round Smooth to Cohesive Gel Textured + Strattice 35,000.00 Total? (photo)

2008, 339cc smooth round moderate Silicone. Pocket revision 1 year reposition + internal sutures Total both $15,000 Weight gain 10-15 from medication... READ MORE

Left implant bottoming out again and changing shape. What should I do? (photos)

Before/after my breast implant revision. Started out left implant severly bottomed out. Change to smaller implants. Dr was going to use alloderm for... READ MORE

Breasts uneven and misshaped after having breast implant revision. Any advice of help? (Photo)

I had Breast Implant revision on July 17, 2014 to correct acapsular contracture on the right breast. The left was fine very soft and felt natural. The... READ MORE

I had sub-muscular Breast Implants on Jan 2014 & not happy with the results. Am I a candidate for Breast Implant Revision? (phot

I had breast reduction about 25 years ago. I had implants sub-muscular done Jan 2014. I am not happy with the shape of my breasts. The implant sits... READ MORE

Breast revision 255cc to 175cc 2 days post op - Is this shape normal? (photos)

Hi , i originally had 255cc tear drop implants inserted 4 months ago felt they were too big went back for a revision 2 days ago to get 175cc . Now... READ MORE

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