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Will my Breasts Be Bigger After Settling?

I am 6 days post op from removal of PIP 335 Ultra high round implant replaced with 495 High Projection, Full height anatomical. My doctor is amazing... READ MORE

Will my Breast Implants Settle and Become More Even?

1 month post op from revision to fix bottoming out. Surgery was done by a very experienced surgeon. Strattice was placed below and on sides to support... READ MORE

My Right Breast is Not Settling, What Should I Do?

I had a breast augmentation on april 2010 and had silicon gel inserted behind the muscle through the armpit. From day one i noticed the right was... READ MORE

Reimplantation of Breast Implant After Infection?

I am having an implant replaced Monday after and Extrusion/removal about 3 months or so ago. I am scared to death that the implant will look... READ MORE

Medial Implant rippling immediately after surgery with right nipple pointing laterally (photos)

I had a 2nd breast revision about 4 and a half weeks ago, from unders to subfacial. The medial area of my breast looks like its rippling... since day... READ MORE

Switching from 17 yr old saline 400cc to 550cc silicone hp implants. Can these still somewhat look natural if going that big?

My concern is going with the high profile implants. I like the way mine have settled in but the rippling from the saline has caused me to do an... READ MORE

How soon after pocket revision/capsulectomy to see results?

Had original surgery one year ago ...375HP silicone ,and implants didn't drop d/t small pocket...pocket revision with capsulectomy done 2wks READ MORE

Should I expect much of settling and fluffing after a breast revision considering my skin has already been stretched out?

I replaced my 8 year old saline 360 moderate to silicone 450 high profile and am 9 days post surgery. I don't see much of a difference which isn't... READ MORE

Implants settled too low, nipples too high? (photos)

Surgery July 2015, 340cc cohesive gel, under the muscle, crease incision. Everything was perfectly normal until around Dec 2015 when I noticed my... READ MORE

Can my left breast be fixed 4th time for breast revision. Each time was with polyurethane implants. Will it settle? (photo)

I've breast revision 2 times on left breast after 1st Augumentation using polyurethane implants. Bow left breast is still positioned wrong and looks... READ MORE

Will my breasts round out more after breast augmentation revision? (Photo)

4 wks post op after replacing 15 yr-old McGhan 300cc round mod profile salines for 485cc round Sientra mod plus gels, I feel like my breasts look more... READ MORE

Capsular contracture? (photos)

Asking again, On 5/27/16 I had BA done, 540cc smooth saline under muscular. Now, 4 mo post op and they look so different. My right feels really soft... READ MORE

Implant dropping? Double bubble? Concerned. (photos)

Im concerned about my implant. Ive read that it may be a double bubble. Due to the pre op size difference my PS explained that most likely symmetry... READ MORE

I am POD 4, implant exchange. My PS ordered the wrong size. These are too big! How soon can I have them replaced? (photo)

I had my saline OTM implants exchanged for Sientra gel implants. During my initial consult I was clear in saying I wanted smaller if possible but... READ MORE

Does and implant need time to "settle" or "drop" when Alloderm is placed under it? (photos)

I had my first surgery 11/2/15 to repair left side CC and it formed again within 2-3 weeks after a complete capsulectomy and implant replacement.... READ MORE

Help, implants size, profile and location change. Results are not good, too flat and too wide (Photo)

I had 360cc high profile implants over the muscle. I was unhappy as they had too muscle upper pole fullness and were very unnatural. When I laid down... READ MORE

I am 6 days post-op, replaced 300cc with 450cc, will they get bigger as they settle? (Photos)

Hi replaced 14 year old 300cc's unders with 450cc's unders. Smooth silicone. What size cup will I likely be? I'm hoping a D as I was a deflated C... READ MORE

Can I have a revision & will I have to pay again? (photos)

Now my implants are settling in (had them done 26.1.16), I feel that they aren't what Iv asked for. I wanted them to be fake but natural looking and... READ MORE

I am 4 days post op, with revision over the muscle to under the muscle with 450cc silicone, with an anchor lift. (Photo)

I am worried because some of the steri strips fell off when removing the bandage as ordered. Also it looks uneven and lumpy to me. Will the implant... READ MORE

345cc HP Textured Pocket revision settling & weight loss post implants queries (Photo)

Implant didn't drop and had to have pocket reshaped and positioned. Its been 6 weeks - when will I see final shape after a pocket revision? They look... READ MORE

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