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What is your experience with using Seri in breast pocket reconstruction?

I am currently seeking opinions to find the best approach for redoing my 10 year old saline implants which have bottomed out. My under muscle pockets... READ MORE

How much does seri-scaffold cost?

Hi , would you advise the use of Seri-scaffold or another product similar for support in a breast revision that is repairing CC and changing implant... READ MORE

Can SERI SILK SCAFFOLDING be released after repair if its too tight? It's holding my implant too high (Photo)

SERI SILK SCAFFOLDING was used to support my Left Breast bottoming out. I had previous capsulorraphy fail and now its very firm feels much harder and... READ MORE

I'm having implant exchange/mastopexy. Will adding Seri-sling to a Capsullorraphy, increase the lifespan of my results?

My implants are 450cc and I am old enough that I do not want to have another breast aug in my lifetime. I am doing this now because I am healthy and... READ MORE

2 weeks PO right breast revision with seri. Is the bottom suppose to be this high? Is it common to use diff projection? (Photo)

2 weeks post right breast aug revision. Originally had on right- mentor gel round moderate 300cc, left 350cc. I have asymmetry on my chest wall. The... READ MORE

How would you proceed to make my breasts symmetrical? (Photo)

Just wanted some opinions. I'm post 3 months. Silicone 750cc. This is a revision due to CC on right which they removed entire capsule and placed new... READ MORE

Where is the incision made to place Seri-silk scaffolding? My original breast aug. was placed through the nipples.

Hi there, I'm scheduled to have breast revision surgery to repair my right breast bottoming out and rippling. The PS is going to use Seri-silk to... READ MORE

I've had capsular contracture, mild infection. I opted for staged revision. Next surgery I may opt for SERI. Your experiences?

I've had capsular contracture, mild infection. I opted for staged revision. I have had the implant out for 4 months. My next surgery I may opt for... READ MORE

What would it take to help you as a Plastic Surgeon, do your very best surgery?

I know PS see thousands of patients !! As a PS what would get you to pay special attention to your surgical procedure to ensure the very best possible... READ MORE

How can support devices for Breast Revision be attached to already weak tissue?

I read that the devices for breast support such as Seri-Scaffold, ADM, and others are to help support weak tissue, how then can the device be attached... READ MORE

Will my Seri mesh internal bra soften and allow my new HP cohesive silicone implants to drop into place? (Photo)

I am 3 days post op and had my old saline implants replaced with 485cc cohesive silicone high profile implants and also added a seri mesh internal bra... READ MORE

Can Seri in a BA revision make a difference in the weight of the implants?

I have read that the Seri used in a breast augmentation is like an internal bra. Does it help the implants feel lighter? READ MORE

Is it possible to go from over the muscle to under without getting a lift? I'm in my early 30s, 120 lbs & no children (Photo)

My doctor said the process for going under would mean either a) a lift with scars or b) Seri Surgical Scaffold and much larger implants. I'm currently... READ MORE

Can I contact 'Seri scaffold' directly & get a recommendation for an experienced & successful breast implant revision surgeon?

I absolutely need an experienced Surgeon who has routinely used Seri scaffold in breast implant revision. Many doctors in my area do not offer Seri or... READ MORE

Replace saline with silicone or gummy bear? And push up and in? (Photo)

Here's some pictures of my 550 cc.. I want to push up, move closer together and go smaller with a silicone or gummy implant. What's the difference... READ MORE

Will my seri mesh internal bra soften as my own tissue replaces it, allowing my implants to round out and drop more? (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post op from implant exchange and seri mesh internal bra for lower pole support. I have a dent on each side where it seems the mesh is... READ MORE

What is the best plan to heal quickly after a breast revision with Silicone Gel implants under the muscle, lift and SERI?

What's the best foods,drink, vitamins, how much rest? Movement? to heal as quickly as possible. long do the drains stay in each breast, how long... READ MORE

2nd breast revision with Seri. Still hasn't worked? (Photo)

2nd revision was 6/2015 . Left was bottoming out so doc said he would use Seri. Still looks the same and almost worse. The left looks like it just... READ MORE

Will an internal Seri Bra work? Please tell me before I spend all my money! (Photo)

Hi, this will be my THIRD surgery!! In Sept 15 I had a lift and 360cc put in after having 400cc ruptured & children. They didn't turn out good &... READ MORE

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