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Will a Third Breast Implant Surgery Ruin my Breasts?

I got saline 350 ccs about 9 months ago. They were too big so I got silicone 250 ccs. I still feel they are too big and i am beginning to think i... READ MORE

Can Leaving Scar Tissue from Capsular Contracture Be Dangerous?

I had my original breast aug on 4/15/11 with 400 cc silicone implants to fix tubular breasts. Three months ago I was told I had grade 3 capsular... READ MORE

Can the scar-tissue be separated from the muscle and not have an indent at the incision sight? (photos)

I had implants put in eight years ago. The muscle adhered to the scar-tissue causing pain when using my arm and an achy feeling most of the time. The... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Results Continue To Change Shape, It It Due To Scar Tissue? (photo)

Last year had breast lift and augmentation, 3 mnths later replaced implants due to "severe" CC and scar tissue. One year later, again, my... READ MORE

Implant Exchange on Old Implants - Keep on Top of Muscle or Move Under?

I've had 450cc saline textured implants on top of the muscle for 16 yrs. I've had 3 more children since that time, & they are too big and... READ MORE

What Happens to Scar Tissue That's Left in the Body After Implants Have Been Removed?

I had a re-do operation 1.5 yrs ago because of symmastia and the doctor fixed it by moving the implants from under the muscle to over the muscle.... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op This Sunday. Is This CC, a Tight Pocket or Tight Muscle? Zero Breast Tissue and Triathlete/marathoner? (photo)

250cc's over for 25 years. Bilateral capsulectomy 2 years ago due to CC, and left them out for that time. BA unders 350cc's. Lots of scar tissue in... READ MORE

Need Help with Third Capsular Contracture, What Can I do?

Had 2 grade4 cap cont with both breasts twice.Undermuscle silicone gel.2nd time replaced implants with smaller.3nd reused and used alloderm. Left one... READ MORE

Do You Agree with my PS? Do You Feel I Should Let It Be? Or is There a Better More Effective Method in Fixing It? (photo)

I had slight tubular breasts. I got a breast augmentation in sep.2011. I originally was a about a 34B. I got 500 cc silicone implants high profile in... READ MORE

How Long Before Numbness Goes Away in Lower Breast After Scar Tissue Removed?

I had my implants replaced 3 weeks ago. The Dr needed to remove scar tissue from both breasts. One had more than the other but both breasts are numb... READ MORE

PS Couldn't Remove All Scar Tissue Resulting from Seroma at Time of Capsulectomy? I Think That's my Issue. (photo)

Saline, smooth, unders. Had a redo in one b/c of seroma (2wks later). PS said at time of capsule removal, he wasn't able to get all scar tissue that... READ MORE

Pocket revision, 375HP silicone, under. Leave in or take out? Is it normal to look smaller after capsulotomy? (Photo)

Ok I'm down to the wire -with revision this week! PS not planning on removing implants-I would like to know if I'm planning on keeping same size, is... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation.....malpractice or No? Ruptured implants.

My first set lasted 3yrs and replaced due to scar tissue. My 2nd set had a rupture on my right side at 2 1/2yrs, and now late May would have been 3yrs... READ MORE

My Doctor Says This Can Change to Be Symmetrical; 1st Revision. Is This at All Normal? (photo)

Rev. was to sew left pocket to move breast to center, and to fix cc in right. all scar tissue is gone in right, still feel ropes in left. doc. says 1... READ MORE

Should capsular contracture be removed? (photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery about 14 years. Approximately 6 days ago, my left saline implant began to leak. I have had two consultations with... READ MORE

Purple Itchy Hip Scars 3 Months Post DIEP, Will They Fade?

I am at 12 wks post DIEP 2 and the hip scars were moved down 2 cm. They are VERY itchy and VERY purple esp. compared to last time (12 mos ago) where... READ MORE

Scar Tissue on Areola a Result of Multiple Procedures?

I've had several different breast implants. First saline, later silicone, followed by revision surgery on the one breast to create more of a gap... READ MORE

Is Replacement of Implants Required As a Result of Scar Tissue? (photo)

I have scar tissue in one breast, however no problems with the other one and perfectly happy with the size, look and shape. During the removal of the... READ MORE

Will a Revision Correct My Asymmetry, Rippling And Tissue Loss From Prior Scar Tissue Removal? (photo)

3x Around One Went Down2x Replaced Implants 3x Revision Cut Scar Tissue out it was to much scar tissue and had to cut the musle and the tissue out,... READ MORE

Can't Decide if I Should Replace Implants or Just Remove Them, Which is Best?

I've had my saline implants 5 years. I went from a small B to a full C, and just 5 years later they look terrible. I can't decide if I should... READ MORE

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