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Is It Possible to Correct Nipple Scars Caused by Implants when Replacing Implants? (photo)

I had breast implants in 2009 i went from a 34c to a 34dd . I had 290 implants which my surgon recomended i have through the nipple with a nipple lift... READ MORE

Unhappy with Breast Lift with Implants?

Had breast lift with implants 5 weeks ago. Have wound separation bil and both breast have drooped. Got 550 cc mod silicone.PS says wait a few month... READ MORE

Revision for Capsular Contraction, Scars, Nipples, Fullness, Etc? (photo)

Recommendations for 2nd BA? Have 375cc saline filled to 375. Have capsular constraction, ugly scars. I want to 1) treat cap contrac, 2) revise scars,... READ MORE

Breast lift revision pictures?

I would love to see link to breast lift with implants revision pictures. Specifically scar revision pictures from benelli lift to vertical or other... READ MORE

Smaller Implants Placing Under the Muscle with Scar Revision. Is This Possible for Me? Maybe a Complete Removal? (photo)

Had my breast augmentation 4 years ago,Ive always worried and been upset over my scars as they are so different to each other & my nipples are odd... READ MORE

After Correcting Bottoming out? (photo)

Can a crease be created below the breast after correcting bottoming out to help hide the scar? READ MORE

I've Had One Breast Revision, but They Look Terrible. What Do I Do? (photo)

I got a revision because my first lift was a circumolear lift w/ implants. After waiting a year and a half, I went back in for a revision to remove... READ MORE

Anybody does no-incision/no-knife plastic surgery? Flash breast augmentation, no-incision neck-lift and laser blepharoplasty?

Any surgeons close to Silicone Valley/Bay area do these Knifeless laser surgeries? I’m looking for similar no-knife surgeries.  I had breast a... READ MORE

I had a breast aug today. When I lift my arm the implant makes a weird noise? What is this?

I had a bilateral scar revision (keloids) & 550cc silicone implant placed on right side (replacement) . (450cc placed on other both sides August 2013)... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Too Much Too Soon?

I am 7 weeks post op from 2nd breast aug (same size 34c).At 4 weeks my scar split & i've had strips to seal the scar for 10 days.It split when i... READ MORE

Need advise on revision breast augmentation surgery with lift.

I had breast augmentation with a lift 2 years ago. After nine months from my surgery my breasts starting dropping. The surgeon has gone in twice to... READ MORE

Is it possible to go smaller? More cleavage, more upper fullness? Scar revision? (Photo)

420ccs unders, silicone med. prof. Im about a 34D. No upper fullness. I'm contemplating redoing them however I would want to drop down to a C High... READ MORE

Why have I got this thick hard ribbon starring after my scar revision surgery? (photo)

Radiates from areola down past ribs to my stomach. I expwanted Sept 2012 through areola causing my nipples to cave in. They slightly improved over a... READ MORE

Should I get scar treatment or areola reconstruction? (photo)

Areola incision, breast implants, revision, 600cc, 450cc, silicone implant. i got a breast implant removal & replacement on sept 25, 2015! I... READ MORE

Swollen or Implant Moved? (photos)

I had breast lift revision (left) and scar revision on (R) on 1/6/15. My left breast was saggy, not as tight as my right one and my nipple was to high... READ MORE

Are my nipples too high/weird or is it too soon to tell? (Photo)

Just had a scar revision May 31st 16 and breast lift with the same 450cc gummy bear implants from October 2015. Do my nipples appear too high and does... READ MORE

Internal or external sutures for scar revision/implant exchange for those that have hypertrophic scars? (Photo)

I have a anchor scar from a breast reduction and have severe hypertrophic scar from internal stitches spitting out. I then had implants put in causing... READ MORE

Scar revision? Nipples look different. (photos)

I'm so sad and even more insecure cause not only do I have horrible scars but my nipples look completely different! Will scar revision help?? READ MORE

Is this much blood on steri strips normal? Implant exchange 95cc downsize & scar revision using permanent internal suture(Photo)

5 days post implant exchange & periareolar scar revision.I went from midrange silicone 457cc-491cc to 371cc-392cc.My original surgeon did not use a... READ MORE

Should I go wider? Current 235 moderate subglandular silicone. (photos)

I am 9 months post op. my PS says that I could go wider if I want to, in order to help cover my 12 year old reduction scars that I dislike (scar... READ MORE

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