Safety + Breast Implant Revision

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Is it safe to go under general anesthesia 3 times within 8.5 weeks period?

I am having Austin and tailors bunion surgery on my left foot (2.5 hr under general anesthesia). Taking off 8.5 weeks. Have decided to do breast... READ MORE

Safe to Combine Breast Augmentation Revision, Areola Reduction and Lipo?

I'm interested in a getting a breast augmentation revision (going smaller) with a possible areola reduction and liposuction of the inner/outer thighs... READ MORE

Can my Breast Implants Be Reused? I Have Had Them in for 2 Years and Now I Have Capsular Contraction.

I have stage 4 in my right breast and stage 3 in my left, I am considering surgery to correct the issue and my Dr wants to use they same implants, is... READ MORE

Implant Plus Fat Graft Safe?

Ten years ago I got saline implants (just under 400cc). I went from an "a" to a "dd." they are soft and very natural looking but I... READ MORE

I Am Having my PIP Implants Taken out and Replaced with CUI. Are These Safe?

I would like information on the safety of CUI breast implants? READ MORE

How many cc do I need to achieve a fake stripper look? Is it safe for me to put 650 cc in? (Photo)

I have 375 cc under the muscle incision wS under the Armpit. I 5'6 weigh 71 kilos and I feel me implants Are really high and not much boob at the... READ MORE

I have 375cc saline that are 16yrs old and need replaced. (Photo)

I went to PS she said that natrelle style 20 . 500 cc would look great for me, I was 550cc ones also . I want more fullest but now , I want to know r... READ MORE

Downsizing implants- do you have to make pockets smaller?

If I wanted to downsize implants, (allergen mod, sili, 457l, 492r)- how could I safely do so? Do you make pockets smaller? I have heard that if you go... READ MORE

Can Polyurethane Implants be replaced with softer Smooth Gel Implant, while leaving just Polyurethane coating in place?

As my surgeon has mentioned, this will give benefits of lowered cc and the softer feel that i desire. I already have the PURE implants inserted and am... READ MORE

Replacing a breast implant under local anesthesia - Is it safe? Will it be painful?

I had breast augmentation surgery about a year ago. The left breast is 400cc and the right breast is 325cc, and looks much smaller. I'm going to have... READ MORE

Which Breast Implant would you recommend for a revision; silicone gel or gummy bears?

I had breast lift and augmentation with round saline implants 8 years ago. One implant broke so I will have replacement done. I'm 5.9 hight, 205 lbs,... READ MORE

What are my options with breast implants almost 15 years old? Help! (photos)

My implants are almos 15 years old. They are Salaine under the muscle. I'm 33 5'3 130lbs. My PS is now retired. What are my options to fix my breast... READ MORE

Is it safe to travel 10 days after breast reconstruction?

I'm having my breast implants replaced after about 10 years. I'm scheduled to have a short flight of 1.5 hour after 10 days from the surgery. Will... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor experienced in 1400-1700 CC Breast Augmentation?

Hello! I hope all is well with you. I have 600 CC implants with the crescent lift for several years now. I have been searching as well. I am a curvy... READ MORE

Safe to get a 2nd breast augmentation so soon?

Is it safe to have a 2nd breast augmentation within a few months of your first one, if you just want to switch smaller implants for bigger ones? READ MORE

Nexplanon birth control is safe to have in the arm during Breast Augmentation?

Hi I'm 2 months post op thinking of getting a breast revision to go bigger in 6 months. I'm thinking about getting the Nexplanon birth control implant... READ MORE

Are Polyurethane breast implants safe?

Hi, I currently have silicone implants, for about 10 yrs now and one of my breast is encapsulating, this is the seond time my breast is encapsulating... READ MORE

Bromelain before surgery?

So I was directed to start taking Bromelain 3 days prior to surgery so of course I m 53 years old and have concerns of doing everything on my end to... READ MORE

Is it safe to have multiple surgeries over the course of a year?

Ideally a patient would want to do several surgeries at the same time ( simple revision augmentation, upper bleph, nose) to save $ as well as be... READ MORE

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