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Partial Insurance Coverage for Augmentation Problem?

Bi-lateral augmentation (hopefully surgeon was honest when he said they were saline,) 2/1982. They seemed to hold up well and I am now 57. Took a hard... READ MORE

Rupture during a mammogram

This may sound silly, but I want to be prepared.  Is a doctor responsible to cover the cost to replace implants if it is ruptured when they... READ MORE

How to deal with a Chloraprep allergy when needing a secondary augmentation surgery due to a rupture?

In a previous surgery I had an allergic contact dermatitis reaction 4 days following the procedure and ended up needing a prednisone pack treatment.... READ MORE

Model with Symmastia - Can I Pop or Drain my Saline Implant?

I have Symmastia I was going to have my ex surgeon repair it but... I just simply cant trust him. Is there anyway I can pop my implant, and let it... READ MORE

How successful is fat transfer to the breast after explant?

I'm researching a PS to remove 40 year old small implants that have ruptured within the capsule. MRI has confirmed that silicon has not spread. I do... READ MORE

Deep Indentations After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had breast implants in 1991 and after 21 years of enjoying them with no problems they have to be exchanged because rupture after a mammogram. After... READ MORE

Third Breast Augmentation in 9 Months - What Should I Do? (Photo)

Right implant ruptured 7 months post op. So PS redid both implants. 2nd surgery I noticed small hole w/ leakage in incision. The implant dropped thru... READ MORE

Can I Exercise with a Ruptured Breast Implant?

I have a ruptured breast implant and I am awaiting replacement. However, Can I still exercise with a ruptured implant READ MORE

6 Mos PO, Gel Implant Ruptured And Dr. Doesn't Want To Revise, What Should I Do? (photo)

Right implant sags off to the side, chest pain on R is still intense after 6 mos. Recently had chest xray unrelated to breast surgery, saw what... READ MORE

I Have Capsule Formation and an Internal Rupture, Without Insurance What Are my Rights?

My implants are made by Nagor (the only British make)they introduced a lifetime warranty in Jan 2009, my implants were done in Jan, 2006, nobody... READ MORE

During Explant Surgery, How is the Extracapsular Rupture Treated and is All the Leaked Silicone Able to Be Removed?

After an MRI it was discovered that my 12 year old silicone implants were ruptured. I have both intra and extracapsular leakage. I am scheduled to... READ MORE

Can my right breast implant be exchanged for a smaller implant without loose skin?

Hello, I had my PIP ruptured implants removed in March 2012.  These were extra high profile 265cc in the left and 245cc... READ MORE

One Breast Larger After Lift/aug, Nipples Not Even, Inframammary Fold Lower on Rt Side - Revision Thoughts? (photo)

Replaced both saline 3/1/12 due to a rupture of the rt. implant. had a lift/redu done to my rt. breast as there was a size symmetry issue that i... READ MORE

Bleeding through my stitches?

I had an implant replacement 3 weeks ago. DR. performed. capsulectomy on rgt.breast because it was ruptured. 2 weeks after surgery he re-opened... READ MORE

Implant Exchange- 525 cc Saline Smooth Round Moderate to Silicone Ultra High Profile. I'm 5'2, what size would you recommend?

Hi Docs. I experienced a rupture of my right implant 3 weeks ago and will be undergoing an exchange of both implants and a lift next week. I currently... READ MORE

Implant Reinsertion Vs Fat Transfer For Revision?

I have a single silicone implant (above the muscle) that was placed in 1979 for asymmetry at age 13. In 1983 I had a reduction on the other side. The... READ MORE

Torn Between Sizes Before Revision Of Ruptured Saline Implants. (photo)

I had saline implants 7 years ago and one just ruptured. I'm going in next week to get Allergan gel implants but am torn on what size to get. I am... READ MORE

What Are the Effects of silicone Implant Leakage?

I got the submuscular implants 5 years ago, and due to an accident one month ago I suspect that one of my silicone implants has a rupture cause I have... READ MORE

Can I Have 1 Breast Implant Removed and Replaced?

I have one implant that is ruptured the other one is fine. i have had implants about 36 years no problem. the one that is deflated dont bother me, its... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Ruptured Pip Breast Implants Removed and Replaced During Pregnancy?

I have the pip breast implants and the right one is rupture (as discovered on a ultra sound scan) I'm unsure whats for the best do I have them... READ MORE

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