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What Are Side Effects of Implant Leakage from Personal Injury?

Febuary 16th I got saline breast implants. (400cc). March 3rd I was 3rd car stopped,while car was waiting to turn. The car behind me stopped, car... READ MORE

Switching Breast Implants from Subglandular to Submuscular, Is this Risky? (photo)

I do have 12 year old high profile textured silicone implants and have to change them for new ones. I have slight ribbling and my breasts are tender.... READ MORE

What Can Go Wrong with Silicone Completely Under the Muscle for Someone Who's Developed Capsular Contracture? (Photos)

After my first breast augmentation I developed capsular contracture. Then I had another surgery to correct it. I developed then a pos-op infection... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for Breast Augmentation Revision?

I am 3 months post-surgery and my right breast has bottomed out. How long do I need to wait to fix it, and what are the risks involved? READ MORE

What Do You Recommend for One Sided Recurring Capsular Contracture? Cohesive Gels?

I have had my implants changed x3 in 6 yrs and most recently just had a capsulectomy on the right, with return of the capsule w/in 2 months. It is... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks Swapping Smooth Round Implants to Textured Teardrops?

I had a BA done in Dec 2009. Smooth, round 325cc silicone implants, placed under muscle, through armpit. Left did not drop to match right so April... READ MORE

Will going up 100 cc make a huge difference? Is it worth the risk if I didn't have a lot of breast tissue to begin with?

I started off as an A cup and had a BA done about 7 months ago. I had 350 cc high profile silicone implants placed but they continue to get smaller... READ MORE

Bottoming out Revision Surgery Risks. Should I Live with It? (photo)

I am scheduled to have revision of mild bottoming out in May, my orig surgery was dec. My question is, what is the chance that i will be further... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Ruptured Pip Breast Implants Removed and Replaced During Pregnancy?

I have the pip breast implants and the right one is rupture (as discovered on a ultra sound scan) I'm unsure whats for the best do I have them... READ MORE

Graduating From a Donut to Full Lift- Which Pedicle Technique (Wise Pattern) To Avoid Nipple Necrosis?

I am looking to obtain a full lift & downsize to smaller implants. To be clear, I do not smoke and attempt to avoid all secondhand smoke to the... READ MORE

Implant Reduction Surgery - Benefits, Risks, Expectations?

In October 2007 I got Mentor Gel implants. I am a full D cup and wish I was a full B/small C cup. I am 5'7", 132 lbs. slightly... READ MORE

Risks of Needing to Reduce Pocket Size when Going Down in Implant Size?

I currently have 700cc in each breast, Moderate Plus profile implants. I want to go down to about 450cc in a Moderate profile - which would require... READ MORE

Had Capsular Contracture. Would Going to Larger of Slightly Larger Implant Increase Risk?

I had 2 grade 4 cap contracture. 1st one 475 silicone gel a year and a half ago. Developed contract in 3 months. Went down to 425 and got grade 4... READ MORE

Can Implants That Have Been Placed over the Muscle Be Replaced Behing the Muscle?

I have 220cc implants placed subglandular, and I can feel them ver much when I lay on my back. I guess its normal as I'm pretty thin? Would it be... READ MORE

Tubular Breast Implant Revision, Is It Worth It?

I had 400cc silicone to fix tubular breasts 4 months ago. I am happy with the results but insecure about the droop. My DR said a in-office procedure... READ MORE

Lump of Silicone (From Leaking Implant) As Diagnosed by Ultrasound, Should I Be Concerned About Losing Lymph Nodes?

I recently found a fairly large lump in my armpit(grape size). I had a dbl. mastectomy 5 years ago (no radiation, no chemo, no lymph node removal) and... READ MORE

Currently 375 Mod+ Saline Wanna Switch to 500 HP Silicone, Do I Run Risk of Bottoming Out?

I have 375cc mod+ put me at a small D cup! i started with a small B & a 3" gap in between clevage area i figured the bigger the size the gap... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned with Symmastia or Bottoming Out? 11.2 BWD Going from 375ccs Silicone to 500ccs?

I'm going to be having a redo breast augmentation to go a little larger. I am 5'4, 104lbs, BWD of 11.2. Currently I have round smooth Mento HP 375cc... READ MORE

Is It Safe To Overfill Implants 7 Months Post-Op?

Hi, I now have 7 months with my implants and Im not happy with them because I still have some extra skin. I went to seee my dr and he said that he can... READ MORE

Downsizing Breast Implants, Concerned about Potential Sagging, What are my Options?

I had a breast augmentation a year ago (1st December 2010) I am now 19 and I've never been happy with the size, I always wanted natural medium... READ MORE

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