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Breast Revision - Sling Made from Cadaver Skin to Keep Breasts from Dropping?

I had lost about 100 pounds then had a breast lift with implants. I have had 3 revisions since as they keep dropping. The last time the doctor removed... READ MORE

Heavy Impants, Want Perkiness, Too Broke for Breast Lift, Should I Do Under Muscle? (photo)

I have PIP impants that are leaking, replacing next month. I have them 6 years, never happy with result. Was 34b got 290cc silicon above muslce... READ MORE

600cc Breast Implant Revision Surgery. Size recommendation?

I am a 5'7" 145 lb athletic 26 year old who previously had size B asymetrical breasts. I was borderline need for lift but decided on augment... READ MORE

Implants Too Wide/Flat. Should I Have Gotten Less Cc's HPs? (photo)

2nd BA- Sientra 550cc Mod.Diameter 14.8/Projection 4.3. Not happy with the results,very sad. I look too wide.There is visible rippling on the top part... READ MORE

6 months after Breast Augmentation and a revision, my left breast is uneven. Will I need another revision? (photos)

I had my first BA 6 months ago, prior to surgery both breasts were even just very small. Left was a bit smaller, didn't sit or hang lower than right.... READ MORE

Please Help With Lift/Revision Sizing Question? (photo)

I am 5"5, 115, 34DD to 32DDD, with a BWD of 13. I'm getting Natrelle 410 implants, & I currently have McGhan 10's, at 14.8 cm and 480 cc's. My... READ MORE

I Feel the Implant in my Right Nipple? (photo)

Hello, please help me, I just hade my third breast augmentation 450cc subglandular aereola scar Eurosilicone brand and the left breast is bigger than... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision Issues. What Can I do? (photo)

I seem to be having an issue with my breast implants and I wanted to ask you your opinion on what I should do for a third surgery! Here are two... READ MORE

I May Decrease my Implant Cc, Does It Make a Difference if my Revision is Next Month or 3 Months? (photo)

I am currently 6 weeks post op, is there a difference if I get the revision next month or in 3 months. I am concerned that if I wait too long my skin... READ MORE

What is causing this dent? And can massage help get rid of this? (photos)

I had my breast implants done over a month ago, but a month in my left breast had a seroma so I had to have a 2nd surgery. The dent in the left breast... READ MORE

I Need A Revision Surgeon! Cost for a Revision Within my Budget?

I need a revision on my current implants. I've had for 10 months and they are too large for me. I have 400ccs mod plus by mentor. diam/proj is 13.1\4... READ MORE

Who is the best Doctor for Revision breast work in Southern California? What credentials to look for? (photo)

I have had three lifts already and my breasts have fallen again. :( I am looking for the best doctor for very small scars. ALso a doctor who is very... READ MORE

Capsulotomy & Pocket Revision needed (375 HP) Post 1 year- if not changing size, does implant have to be removed? (photo)

Had several in-office consults, agree on pocket PS is not planning on taking implants out ,but doing a capsulotomy with poc revision in... READ MORE

Is a Anchor Breast Lift Necessary? 38 Single, No Children, Implant Replacement Soon. (photo)

I'm 38 & I'm having my implants exchanged (420cc, saline, under the muscle, 2000) soon & I'm considering a breast lift as well. I'm single... READ MORE

Would Silicone Really Make a Difference for Me?

I currently have saline mods and am having a revision to go up in size. Considering HP silicone 600cc. I am 5-4 and 120lbs, pre BA was a 36c. I will... READ MORE

Will filling my implant more help with the rippling or should I fat graft? (photo)

I had a revision surgery almost 4 weeks ago, and as the swelling has subsided I've noticed an abundance of rippling on my right breast. I changed from... READ MORE

What is causing the "ledge looking," flatness on the bottom of my breast? (photos)

52 years old, 3rd BA (1st ever under muscle, for asymmetry ) w Mentor 350 L Br and Mentor 325 R Br Silicone. Developed infection in RB at 4 weeks post... READ MORE

Will a Revision Correct My Asymmetry, Rippling And Tissue Loss From Prior Scar Tissue Removal? (photo)

3x Around One Went Down2x Replaced Implants 3x Revision Cut Scar Tissue out it was to much scar tissue and had to cut the musle and the tissue out,... READ MORE

Do you think I need a 2nd revision after Breast Lift with Implant Replacement and Nipple Reduction surgery? (photos)

I had an implant replacement, a breast lift and a nipple reduction. Dr. told me he was able to do the lift around the nipple. To me the breast looks... READ MORE

Ok to Get Revision from 275 to 375 After 8 Weeks from Lift & Augmentation?

06/05/12 first lift & augmentation with mentor submuscular 275 cc silicone but was smaller than desired. set for revision on 08/01/12 with 100 cc... READ MORE

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