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Will a Revision Fix my High Implant Placement?

I had surgery 4 months ago. The Dr. placed High profile 550cc silicone implants under the muscle using the axillary approach. My implants are so high... READ MORE

Breasts Still Uneven and Painful After 2 Revision Surgeries

I had my original implants done in 2004. I have tubular breasts, size AA to a full B/beg C. Since then I've had surgery 2x on only my right breast... READ MORE

Will my Breast Implants Settle and Become More Even?

1 month post op from revision to fix bottoming out. Surgery was done by a very experienced surgeon. Strattice was placed below and on sides to support... READ MORE

How Soon After Breast Augmentation Must I Wait to Get Pregnant and Will Pregnancy Ruin Their Shape?

I am forced to have replacement implants in the next couple of months. I was due to try for another baby in the next year and was worried pregnancy... READ MORE

5/2/13 had a Breast Lift with 250cc Implants,then downsized to 100cc, are my breasts recovering properly? (photos)

5/2/13 had a breast lift with 250cc. I wasn't happy with the result as it wasn't natural enough & way too big, so I downsized on 2/3/14 (13 weeks ago)... READ MORE

Is 7 Weeks Post-Op Revision of Implant Pockets too Soon to See Results, Or Should I Get a Revision? (Photo)

Im 7 weeks post op from an internal revision of my breast implant pockets. They are quite uneven and different in size now. Is it too soon to do a... READ MORE

Should Original Surgeon Carry Out Implant Revision?

I had a peri-areolar lift in September 2010 and not happy with the results. First the nipples are stretched too wide and are unattractive. There is... READ MORE

How to Fix Implants After Revision Surgery

I previously asked- are gummy bears worth it? I have had the following ops: breast aug, 500 cc saline overfilled to 575 cc, under the muscle,... READ MORE

Do my breast look how they should 6 weeks post op.? Not happy (photos)

I'm just over 6 weeks post op and I'm not happy with my results :(... I had 345cc hp silicone textured allergan implants. My right one is smaller,... READ MORE

I Am 5 Feet, 44 Years, 52 Kg. Can I Go for 450cc/500cc Silicon Implant. What Wiill Be my Expected Cup Size? (photo)

I am 5 feet, 44 years, 52 kg. After my childbirth & weight loss I have empty breast, On February,2010 I got 300cc silicon implant unders through... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision

Dec 09 I had a breast augmentation - 325cc, silicone round implants placed through the armpit, under the muscle. - No trouble till Dec 10 - nipple on... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift Revision Implant Exchange from 350cc mod+ to 425cc hp result in a noticeable difference? (photos)

BWD is 12.5, 5'4",125 lbs 28" rib cage Would a hp 425cc implant have the same "look" as my current 350 mod + I would like more volume? Is this the max... READ MORE

I had sub-muscular Breast Implants on Jan 2014 & not happy with the results. Am I a candidate for Breast Implant Revision? (phot

I had breast reduction about 25 years ago. I had implants sub-muscular done Jan 2014. I am not happy with the shape of my breasts. The implant sits... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a donut breast lift with areola reduction and smaller implants on my breasts? (photo)

Hi, First after my augmentation (900cc each) they looked great, but now my natural breasts (34DD before surgery) dropped down (also one sits higher).... READ MORE

What would it take to help you as a Plastic Surgeon, do your very best surgery?

I know PS see thousands of patients !! As a PS what would get you to pay special attention to your surgical procedure to ensure the very best possible... READ MORE

Is my surgeon obligated to do a revision surgery at little to no cost?

I had a BA done in June. I am completely unhappy with the results. I had a barely there a cup to begin with. He chose 400cc round hp cohesive silicone... READ MORE

Breast augmentation revision - Need a second option.

Hello: I have recently done a breast augmentation and I am not happy with the result. My doctor has given me some options as how to do the revision.... READ MORE

Swapping 375cc Subglandular to larger Submuscular Implants. How many cc are needed for my desired look? (photos)

I'm having revision in August, my surgeon has suggested under the muscle and larger implants for the upper pole fullness I desire. How many cc roughly... READ MORE

Downsizing advice please. 1st BA 6 months ago. Mentor, round, smooth, 225cc, moderate plus 10.9 cm. Too big and round. (photos)

I'm small and short, 4’11’’, 43kg. I'd like to downsize, to as small as possible. Please kindly advice: 1- Moderate 150cc, 10.3cm w or 130cc, 9.6cm? ... READ MORE

2 Months post Revision Mastopexy & Implant replacement. How do I treat the results from infections? (photos)

I had revision mastopexy w/removal & replacement of implants on 3/19/14. My left breast developed an open wound, which kept getting bigger. On... READ MORE

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